Lisk is a blockchain application platform whose mission is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream through an SDK (Sidechain Development Kit) being written in JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language in the world. By utilizing sidechain technology and with a special focus on usability and accessibility, the company is aiming to become the go-to platform for blockchain application development.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the Lisk Foundation raised over 14,000 Bitcoins during its ICO in March 2016. Regular listeners will remember that I spoke to Thomas Schouten on episode 600 of this podcast about how the Lisk Academy is aiming to facilitate the faster adoption of blockchain by the general public.

They also recently reached one of it’s biggest milestones to date with the major release of Lisk Core 1.0 which is ready to reach the main network, Mainnet. We talk about the importance of reaching this goal but also where they are heading next and Lisk Mobile.

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On today’s tech podcast, I talk with Lisk’s tech evangelist Rachel Black about how Lisk is working to engage their vital stakeholder community and become the go-to platform for developing decentralized applications. Rachel’s role as Tech Evangelist involves engaging with Lisk’s developer community through blog posts, events and social media on the latest product developments in order to bridge the understanding across tech and marketing.

Rachel also shares her story and the challenges she has overcome as a woman in tech and her road to tech evangelism and offers her advice to other women wanting to succeed in the tech industry.

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Tech Blog Writer Podcast

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