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  • Podcasts –  Launch, editing, and production services
  • Ghostwriting – Blog posts, magazine articles, and books
  • Tech Blogs – Thought leadership tech articles
  • Build Your Personal Brand –  With my “747” content creation plan.
  • Event Coverage – Written and audio content. Panel moderation.
  • Are you eager to establish yourself or your business as an authoritative thought leader and industry expert? With a strategic combination of weekly podcast episodes and ghostwritten thought leadership blog posts, you can create over 100 high-quality, SEO-rich pieces of content in a year, significantly enhancing your online presence.

    Is time scarcity preventing you from crafting compelling blog posts, launching your own podcast, and achieving your content strategy objectives?

    As an experienced content creator, I empower businesses, CEOs, founders, and leaders to share their insights and knowledge through engaging written and audio content. I will help you unlock the secret to building your thought leadership and maintaining consistency.


    Thought leadership tech blogs

    Stand out from the crowd as the go-to person in your industry.

    Ghostwritten blog posts

    Helping business leaders bring their ideas to life through ghostwritten content.

    Business blog posts

    Position your brand as an industry leader and build customer relationships through regular content.

    Podcast production

    Launch your very own podcast. Simply record a conversation and let me worry about the rest.

    Build your personal brand

    Helping you build your thought leadership & stay consistent by removing the friction of content creation and reducing it to just ONE hour a month.

    Event coverage

    Amplifying conversations from tech conference halls around the world with written and audio content.

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    Record great conversations and and I’ll take care of everything else

    Podcasting Made Simple

    Did you know that a 700-word blog post typically takes about five minutes to read, while a 35-minute podcast contains nearly 5,000 words, equivalent to seven blog posts? Podcasts offer a wealth of content and cater to your audience’s needs as they drive, walk, or fly.

    With 5 million active podcasts compared to 600 million blogs, podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crows and make your unique voice heard. A podcast can also help you forge personal connections and trust with your audience.

    So, what’s stopping you from launching your podcast? Do you find the prospect of editing audio files, managing RSS feeds, or navigating the submission process on multiple platforms daunting, confusing, and time-consuming?

    My streamlined production and launch program eliminates the obstacles that have prevented businesses and individuals from starting a podcast. After all, a podcast is simply a recorded conversation published online for everyone to enjoy – let’s keep it simple.

    Together, we’ll create and launch your first podcast season, featuring 12 captivating episodes on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

    Contact me now to take the first step towards sharing your authentic voice with the world – let me be your trusted guide with my user friendly podcast launch program,

    Ghostwriting Services

    Do you have a long list of ideas and articles to write but a lack of time?

    Ghostwritten Blog Posts and Magazine Articles

    CEOs, start-up founders, and entrepreneurs are often visionaries. But they don’t have the time to share their stories, insights, and expertise through regular written content. I provide strictly confidential writing services to help busy professionals build their reputation as a thought leader.

    In 2015, I won a LinkedIn Top Voice Award for my tech thought leadership articles. The award was measured by engagement, including comments and re-shares generated by the content. In 2016, I helped a client win the LinkedIn Top Voice in their industry too.

    There is increasing pressure for busy professionals to share their expertise online, but a lack of time is holding them back. Just two ghostwritten LinkedIn blogs per week will result in over 100 posts and 75,000 words against your name in under a year.

    I empower leaders who are serious about optimizing their time and need help in delivering mission-driven content. My clients are confidential, but I can tell you that I have worked with top businesses, speakers, futurists, LinkedIn Influencers, and even the occasional celebrity.

    If you would like me to help package your ideas in a concise and engaging manner by producing regular blogs or articles in your name, contact me for more information.


    Event Coverage

    Live events are making a strong comeback in 2023, and I am thrilled to be a part of this resurgence. As an avid technology enthusiast and content creator, I am passionate about connecting people from various industries and backgrounds. My work in written content and podcasting aims to showcase the impact of technology in and out of the workplace in a language everyone can understand.

    Podcast interviews can broaden the audience reach of your conference. By sharing the interviews online, those who could not attend the event can still access valuable insights and information. Podcasts can be easily shared on social media platforms, helping to create buzz around the conference and potentially attracting more attendees to future events.

    As the live conference scene gains momentum, my calendar is quickly filling with invites to cover live events and conferences. This content has the power to elevate your event’s reach and engagement. As we continue navigating the post-pandemic landscape, I look forward to meeting you all on the road.

    If you need my help with content creation at your tech event, please content me for information on my availability.


    Help you reach your audience with compelling content

    In a recent study by Adobe, 61% of customer experience professionals predict a 5-times increase in content by 2024. That’s a lot of content!

    Businesses and professionals share the need to elevate their brand, share their expertise, and engage with their audience, yet often find themselves tethered by constraints such as time. 

    Podcast Production & Launch

    I simplify the complex maze of podcasting, managing everything from audio editing to platform submissions. All you need to do is record a conversation. Neil’s turnkey service ensures you create a compelling 12-episode season that resonates across platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

    Opportunities: With fewer competitors in the podcast space compared to blogging, my services enable you to engage more intimately with your audience and establish a distinctive voice.

    Challenges: Although launching a podcast can seem overwhelming, my streamlined approach makes it as straightforward as pressing ‘record.’

    Thought Leadership Blogs

    Regular written content can help you or your brand share unique insights and expertise. I work with you to craft blog posts or articles that establish you as a subject matter expert and resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds.

    Opportunities: Thought leadership content can significantly improve brand perception and lead to business growth opportunities.

    Challenges: Balancing high-quality content with SEO optimization is a fine art I have mastered over years of experience.

    Event Coverage & Panel Moderation

    Live events are resurging as an essential part of industry networking and learning. I offer comprehensive event coverage services, ensuring that your event’s conversations, insights, and announcements reach a global audience.

    Opportunities: Amplifying event conversations can broaden reach, generate buzz, and attract future participants.

    Challenges: Capturing the essence of live interactions in a way that translates well online is not easy, but it’s a challenge that I enjoy rising to

    My diversified portfolio of services is engineered to solve the most pressing problems facing professionals and businesses today: creating high-quality, authentic, and engaging content within strict time constraints.

    If you’re ready to take the first step toward sharing your authentic voice with the world. Contact me now to learn more.


    Neil said to me, you focus on recording great conversations and interview people and I'll take care of everything. And that's exactly what he's done. I have
    great conversations with amazing leaders from all around the world and I send those files to Neil and he just takes care of everything else.

    Heather YoungerCEO - CustomerFanatix

    Neil Hughes got me started on my podcast in December 2017 and I've been releasing an episode every Tuesday. It's been an amazing ride and Neil has made it easy. Not only is he taking care of all the technical aspects of my show, but he's also helping guide me and make sure that all of the pieces of my podcast come together.Neil made it easy, inexpensive and made it possible for me to launch my own podcast.

    Sarah ElkinsElkins Consulting

    Neil Hughes is a forward-thinking IT Professional with a very solid technical background. He is able to convey his valuable insights within the technology sector through the creation of highly engaging content. One of Neil's biggest attributes is his communications skills and ability to make his content relatable to a broad audience. He is able to speak In an easy to follow manner that bridges the communication gap that normally exists between IT and other areas of business.

    John WhiteFounder - Social Marketing Solutions

    Neil’s Tech Columns

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