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638: The Rise of IIoT and Artificial Intelligence In Industry

go to link  Industrial executives and operators are faced with the challenge of doing more with less, while simultaneously reducing excessive resource consumption. Industries

637: How To Create A Podcast and Other Questions From Listeners

Seroquel side effects  When searching for mentorship or inspiration I have often encountered a number of expensive courses that not only emptied my wallet

636: NEO Smart Economy – An Interview with NEO’s Tamar Salant  Regular listeners and readers will remember the moment when Antshares rebranded to NEO last year. NEO is China’s first ever original

635: Smart Home Device Expert, Founder of Flo Technologies, Gabe Halimi

 Flo is a first of its kind and proprietary water monitoring and control system for homes and buildings that virtually eliminates

634: How Blis is Unlocking The Power of Location

cheaper alternatives to cialis  Blis is the global leader in advanced location data technology. Their proprietary platform provides businesses with accurate location data and in-depth

633: How Openpath Enables Staff to Access Their Office With Their Phone

 Openpath is a company that is focused on bringing the IoT solutions consumers enjoy at home to the workplace. Alex Kazerani (CEO) and

632: How Hurdl Pixl LED Wearables Are Lighting Up The Wrists of Concertgoers

 No matter the event or how fans gain access, Hurdl can find out who is in the audience and start a conversation. Combining

631: Aireka Harvell Shares The StartUp Story Behind Nodat

 On this daily tech podcast, CEOs learn from other CEOS and startup founders learn from others on their startup journeys. As

630: Startup Story: Vlad Mkrtumyan – Logic Inbound, Co-Founders Connect

 Logic Inbound identifies and executes on growth opportunities. Clients include financial and healthcare firms, venture-backed startups and multi-national manufacturing organizations. After

629: MarTech – Full Circle Insights and Marketing Performance Measurement

 Full Circle Insights addresses the critical issue for VPs of marketing using –getting accurate performance information about marketing campaigns. 100%

628: How Cocoon Cam Plus Is Bringing Peace of Mind to Parents

 Cocoon Cam is different from other baby monitor companies. They are a venture-backed startup based in the Silicon Valley. But more

627: Larry Boyer and The Robot In The Next Cubicle

 Larry Boyer recently released The Robot In The Next Cubicle. His book is an optimistic and useful look at the coming convergence

626: Meet Connatix, The Next Generation Video Platform For Publishers

 Connatix is the technology layer underlying the largest independent video syndication network in the U.S. Publishers such as Mashable, Entrepreneur, and Time

625: Introducing The Mux Real-Time Streaming Dashboard

 Mux is a software company that develops infrastructure and monitoring tools for developers and publishers of online video.  Founded in 2015

624: How Bestmile Is Fueling Strategic Growth in Autonomous Mobility

 When we think about autonomous vehicles, we often get stuck in the noisy world of Uber vs. Waymo or the new

623: Cloudeo- Revolutionizing The Global Market For Geodata With Blockchain

 Cloudeo – is a unique portal for all those who create, interpret and use Geodata. It offers to its customers a

622: Internxt (INXT) X Cloud – Decentralized Cloud Storage Service

 Internxt is working on disrupting thrilling industries through the use of revolutionary technology. Their first service, X Cloud, is a decentralized

621: Startup Story: Tito – Simple, Powerful Event Software. Just Add People

 On today’s tech podcast, I explore the startup story behind the simple, powerful, event software that has sold over €300M worth

620: Hoard – Cryptocurrency Made Simple For All

 Hoard, the cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and payments app that’s simplifying blockchain for everyone. The design-driven blockchain-based company is integrating investments across cryptocurrencies

619: How Ambrosus (AMB) Is Improving Supply Chain Transparency

 When many people hear the word blockchain they think it’s just another buzzword, but Ambrosus is one of a few blockchain projects