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751: PatientPop – The Proven Practice Growth Platform

On the latest episode of my tech podcast, I wanted to feature a tech startup story that highlighted that the solution isn’t

750: How AI Enabled Drones Are Tackling The Trillion-Dollar Blind Spot

Pensa is a leading innovator in autonomous perception systems for retail inventory visibility. Its system uses breakthrough technology –including artificial intelligence, autonomous

749: How Grammarly Uses AI to Enhance Your Writing

I am becoming increasingly aware that everyday services that dominate my life such as Uber, Netflix, Amazon, and Grammarly make my life

748: SAP Jam – How AI Will Transform Enterprise Collaboration

SAP Jam is a cloud-based enterprise social networking suite and collaboration app that helps users connect with employees, partners, and customers. SAP

747: How More than 25% of all SaaS Businesses are Growing

ProfitWell provides industry standard BI solutions that improve retention and monetization automatically through subscription intelligence. ProfitWell also serves over five thousand subscription

746: The Online Therapy Platform Tackling Mental Health Issues

A qualified GP and Digital Health Entrepreneur is now providing fast access to confidential counselling via Mynurva – which provides live video

745: AI Digital Assistant Removing Wasted Time From The Workplace is an artificial intelligence platform that makes all of your company’s information accessible through chat. Essentially learns the information scattered

744: CES – Wireless Mic Mikme Brings Studio Sound to Mobile Videos

At CES we have heard the usual debates about which new smartphone is best. Which has the best display? the best camera?

743: How DataChemist Is Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Marc Cuban declared that data is the new oil. But, all-too-often huge amounts of data cannot answer the questions that actually matter

742: CES – Winston Privacy Unveils New Safeguard Against Surveillance

Winston Privacy is a comprehensive internet security solution with a mission to protect consumer data on all devices, including computers, tablets, phones,

741: The Tech Helping Solopreneurs Out-Earn Software Engineers

PocketSuite gives professionals to power to schedule appointments with clients, accept payment from clients, and communicate directly with clients. All from a

740: Campaign Monitor CMO on How GDPR Saved Email Marketing

Last year Campaign Monitor merged with Emma and Delivra to create a new Campaign Monitor Brand. The global email marketing company now

739: Twickets – The Tech Behind Fan-to-Fan Ticket Resales

Ticket scalping is negatively impacting the entire entertainment industry. When fans pay more for tickets they spend less on live music, festivals,

738: CES 2019 – Naran Inc – The IoT Makers of MicroBot Hub

IoT-focused company Naran not only builds popular smart home products used by people around the globe but has also created a software platform that

737: Ryan Bonnici – CMO – G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd real-time & unbiased user reviews help you objectively assess what is best for your business. Leverage the crowd, limit your

736: The App Helping Parents Get Kids Off Their Screens & Get Moving

Goya-Move is the first-ever mobile application aimed to assist parents in managing their children’s screen time by setting step goals. The app,

735: CES 2019 Preview: Mojio The Leading Open Platform for Connected Cars

 Open, scalable and hardware agnostic, Mojio is the cloud platform of choice for the deployment of secure connected car apps and

734: The Tech Startup Eliminating The Need to Learn Coding

On today’s tech podcast, I want to share a story idea with you about Bubble, the visual programming tool that allows anyone

733: A New Year Message From The Tech Blog Writer

After interviewing tech and business leaders throughout 2019, Neil opens himself up to questions from the listeners. In today’s tech podcast Neil

732: Secret Double Octopus Plan to Eliminate Passwords

By 2022, Gartner’s latest report predicts 60% of large and global enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprises (MSEs), will implement passwordless methods