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Do you want to launch a podcast with 12 episodes without worrying about the tech and editing? Meet Podcasting Made Simple.

Do You Want To Launch Your Own Podcast? In a world of self-imposed titles such as thought leader, guru, ninja and Instagram experts with only 83 followers, podcasting provides an opportunity to broadcast your authentic voice. But, many people are afraid to create their own show because they dislike the sound of their own voice or find the technology aspects intimidating.

I will work closely with you and remove the obstacles that have been holding you back. Together we will get your show off the ground and launch your podcast with 12 episodes that will be edited and produced by me.

I host and produce Tech Talks Daily, Switched on Thinking With NETGEAR, and Tech Fusion by Citrix. Along the way, I have learned how technology is also affecting sport and entertainment after enjoying conversations with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Motorsport.com, BBC America, and Fender digital. I have also been incredibly fortunate to interview TV talk show host Wendy Williams, Star Trek’s William Shatner, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki about how they are using technology on my podcast too.

Over the last few years, I have also spoken to many people who excitedly rushed into launching their own podcast and gave up within a month. Why? They didn’t have the correct structure in place or invested the time to learn why they were creating a podcast and what value they were providing their audience.

Podcast Editing and Launch Program

As a result of those conversations, I now produce 20+ other podcasts for businesses and thought leaders. I remove all of the problems holding you back. By handing over the technical aspects and working closely with me to launch their podcast, my former students are now enjoying success with their own shows.

At the end of each episode, I always encourage my listeners to contact me with any questions. Over the last 12 months, I have been helping many people launch their own podcast by forgetting about technology and time-sucking activities. With over 1,500 episodes released, I decided to get everything that I have learned out of my head and into yours.

Rather than sell people a course and leave them with a list of actions, I wanted to help people execute and finally get their own show online. This is why I created a complete podcast production and launch program.

The reason many online courses fail is that they often leave students with a wealth of information that they are unsure how to apply to reach their goals.

I wanted to remove all the pain points that have held people back from creating their own podcast. Ultimately, a podcast is recording a conversation and publishing it online for the world to listen, let’s not over complicate things.

If you want to work with me and reach your goal of achieving your goal of publishing your first podcast season with 12 episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and a variety of other platforms, contact me for a quick chat.

If you are comfortable launching your podcast on your own and thinking of using Libsyn as your podcast host, Use the promo code TBW when signing up at Libsyn. The code will give you the rest of the current month and the entire next month for free.

Libsyn Promo Code 2019

Libsyn Promo Code Instructions

Use the promo code TBW when signing up at Libsyn to receive the rest of the current month and the entire next month for free. But, just like the Gremlins movie, there are 3 simple rules to ensure you secure the most value from the code.

  1. The promo code only works for your first show with the Libsyn platform. If you launch another show the code will not work.
  2. To get the maximum value from the offer, add the code on the 2nd of the month. This will ensure you get the entire month for free and the following month too. It is much safer to avoid doing it on the 1st of the month due to potential confusion with time zones, so I recommend signing up on the second day of a month.
  3. Choose your data package wisely. If you change your account level at any point during your free trial, it will instantly kick the account into payment mode. – And they are charged per the prorated amount for that current month. Don’t fall into the trap of signing up for a $5 account then change it to the $20. The trial comes to an end and it will cost you more in the long run.

People I Have Helped to Launch a Podcast

When speaking at the No Longer Virtual Event in Denver, I guided the audience through how easy it is to launch their own podcasts. However, I quickly learned that most people do not have the time or inclination to learn how to edit audio files and create a podcast RSS feed. I also discovered that most people didn’t want to invest time and money into another course, they simply wanted to record a conversation and let somebody else worry about everything else.

After the event, I worked closely with Sarah Elkins to bring the concept of her podcast to life. Within weeks, Your Stories Don’t Define You, But How You Tell Them Will was launched on Spotify, iTunes, and many more online platforms.

Heather Younger is the best-selling author of, “The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty” and the founder and CEO of Customer Fanatix. Her organization’s mission is to inspire and train leaders to put their employees first.

Heather fulfills her organization’s mission through her inspiring keynote speeches, leadership development training, coaching and facilitation, employee focus group moderation, and consulting with organizations all over the world on strategies to improve employee engagement.

I worked closely with Heather to launch her podcast, Leadership With Heart. While Heather focuses on recording conversations with business leaders, I take care of the editing and publishing of her podcast.

Both Heather and Sarah are now heading for 100 podcast episodes published on a variety of platforms. Whether you need a little handholding through the launch process, help with structuring your podcast, or need me to manage the whole process, please contact me and tell me more about your vision.

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