What Are Antibiotics www.antibioticsonlinerx.com ? Antibiotics are antimicrobial medications that are commonly prescribed to kill bacteria and prevent them from spreading in the human body. As a result, this type of medicine proves to be effective for a range of fungi and bacterial infections. That’s because antibiotics help to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and kill the attacking bacteria quickly and effectively.
Everyone should take great care to use a conscientious and reputable Canadian online pharmacy https://canadianrxon.com/. To avoid trouble, it is necessary to raise public awareness, so that every potential buyer of drugs knows the signs of a rogue pharmacy and backs off before making a wrong decision. Here are some tips, which should help you avoid getting tangled with a rogue pharmacy: Beware of websites that offer prescription drugs and do not require a prescription from your physician: this can be dangerous; Offer drugs at suspiciously low prices; Not authorized by NARPA and/or other Canadian drug regulatory authorities; Offer drugs that are not approved by the FDA; Send spam messages; Located outside of Canada and sell worldwide; Do not care to provide decent consulting services.

Did you know that text messaging has the potential to save millions of lives and billions in health care costs by ensuring patients adhere to their prescriptions? Every day, millions of people fail to take their medications as prescribed and the resulting personal and financial costs are staggering. Worldwide, non-adherence results in $700 billion in avoidable medical costs.

Non-adherence accounts for upwards of 50% of doctor visits, 40% of long-term care admissions, and more than 50% of hospital readmissions? Texting could provide a simple solution to a devastating problem, especially for managing chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and mental health disorders.

“If adherence therapy were a new drug it would be hailed as a potentially major advance in medical treatment” – Professor Richard Gray

Curaizon is empowering doctors and healthcare providers by allowing them to tackle non-adherence proactively while also lightening their workload. With access to real-time patient adherence data, our systems offer the first-of-its-kind analytics for the early intervention and provision of additional support or therapy to the patient.

I wanted to learn more about how Curaizon is revolutionizing healthcare and improving drug-adherence through big data analytics delivered via the blockchain. CEO, Nicholas Rumble, discusses Curaizon’s approach to tackling this critical challenge facing healthcare and why blockchain/ICO is the perfect fit for what they want to achieve.

On today’s tech podcast, we explore how the key to improving healthcare, reducing costs and saving lives could be as simple as helping patients take their medications properly. I also learn how text messaging has the potential to save millions of lives and billions in healthcare costs by ensuring patients adhere to their prescriptions.

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We also discuss how the data Curaizon creates is unique and has enormous value to pharmaceutical companies, researchers and governments. Every time a patient uses their CuraServe technology, their data grows in utility and value.

“Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.” The World Health Organization

Essentially, Curaizon™ is aiming to solve the drug non-adherence problem by deploying their technology through national health services. As part of that solution, they collect fully anonymized data about how and when patients take medications and CuraTokens™ is the only way to access this data. I learn more about how these tokens can be redeemed to access the data, which will advance medical research, drive down healthcare costs and save lives.

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