388: How Augment Leading The Way In Customer Experience-Driven AI

Nov 19, 2017

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Augment is a leader in customer experience-driven artificial intelligence (AI). Augment uniquely empowers employees to deliver a superior customer experience by surfacing the best information and answers across the enterprise in real time. Augmented agents deliver improved brand experience through messaging and live chat applications preferred by consumers and then convert more of these interactions into customer delight and revenue. Augment powers Fortune 500 brands around the world.

decadron 40 mg iv Unlike first-generation chatbot providers that attempt to remove humans from customer interactions, Augment’s “human-in-the-loop” approach allows brand representatives to deliver superior customer experience through live chat applications — backed by powerful machine learning and a training set of over 100 million interactions. With a founding team of data science and enterprise veterans coming out of parent company Silicon Valley Software Group, the company has raised the first round of Series A funding of $5 million from Silicon Valley Data Capital and JAZZ Venture Partners.

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To enhance the overall customer journey, Augment’s innovative technical team of data scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and MIT ingested more than 100 million interactions to parse, categorize and train the Augment customer experience AI platform. The platform’s patent-pending, data-driven approach improves agent performance, while increasing overall customer and employee satisfaction. In addition to Dyson, current clients include Fortune 500 brands in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, retail and airline industries.

“We designed Augment with a focus on enhancing rather than replacing the agent workforce,” said Augment Chief Executive Matt Swanson. “Contrary to most chatbot technologies that result in garbled or confusing responses, our platform offers enterprise executives the ultimate Turing Test — their customers are unaware that their conversation is powered by AI.”

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Matt Swanson has a background as a technologist in the fields of machine learning and crowdsourcing. With a wealth of experience in early-stage startup development, Matt also advises a number of companies on their technology strategy and serves as the acting CTO of others. Matt also works with enterprises to help incorporate innovation into their organizations.

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