524: Apttus Omni – The World’s First Middle Office Platform

May 16, 2018

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http://yodiamondteam.com/2-ways-to-crush-your-disappointments/ Apttus is a Silicon Valley-based global provider of the Intelligent Middle Office platform allowing enterprises to automate and optimize their most critical revenue and commercial relationship management processes. Apttus is powered by the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, a hybrid-cloud platform utilizing the most advanced technologies from Salesforce, Microsoft and IBM. Analysts rank Apttus as the global gold standard for Quote-to-Cash (QTC) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions.

Apttus’ innovations include Max, the company’s Applied Artificial Intelligence that enables enterprises to achieve superior business outcomes. Apttus partners with a world-class ecosystem. Apttus customers include hundreds of the world’s mid-sized organizations and the who’s who of the Global 1000.

Raj Verma is the Chief Operating Officer at Apttus. He is an accomplished executive with experience growing companies at scale. Raj is chartered with growing Apttus’ business while ensuring operational excellence across the company. He is responsible for Apttus’ go-to-market strategy, sales, marketing and customer success operations.

Raj Verma - Apttus Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Throughout his career, Raj has helped companies scale their operations. Most notably, Raj spent more than 12 years at Tibco Software, where he held various senior executive roles, including COO, Head of Worldwide Sales and CMO. Raj was part of the executive team instrumental in Tibco’s rapid growth to over $1 billion in revenue. He served as President and COO at Hortonworks, and earlier in his career, he held senior sales positions at Parametric Technology Corporation.

I wanted to chat with him about the big themes at the Apptus Accelerate event this year in San Francisco. What are the big takeaways? What role is AI playing in their future especially after leading the way by revealing their AI Assistant MAX last year? And of course, there is the big IB announcements and the Middle Office solution Omni.

We discuss how Apptus is a hybrid cloud platform and by working alongside, Salesforce, Microsoft, and IBM they are truly cloud agnostic. We also talk about Apttus’ Max, the company’s Applied Artificial Intelligence that enables enterprises to achieve superior business outcomes and the lessons learned over the last 12 months.

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