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562: Campaign Monitor Merges with Emma and Delivra

can you buy Lyrica over the counter  Last week it was revealed that Campaign Monitor was to merge with Emma and Delivra to launch new Campaign Monitor Brand.

561: Amadeus Code – The AI App Enhancing The Creative Process For Songwriters

neurontin mg side eff  Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant. The app lets users adjust the AI-generated songs in a wide variety of

560: The Inspirational Tech Startup Story Behind The Devbridge Group  Devbridge Group is a software design and development company that partners with large enterprises in the Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Technology

559: SessionM -The Tech Behind The Customer Data Platform

 SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform that handles complex, large-scale personal data sets for some of the largest organizations

558: Meet Cinamaker- The Live Streaming & Video Production Platform

purim costumes 2014  Cinamaker recently revealed the first highly accessible pro-quality live streaming and video production platform. The intuitive interface can link up cameras

557: How GPEC Is Tempting Tech Companies to Relocate To Phoenix

 The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is actively working to attract and grow quality tech companies and advocate for the competitiveness

556: MyTherapy, The Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker App

 The latest app sitting at the top of the charts on app stores is often a gimmicky, fun trend that we

555: How Workboard Activates Smarter Strategies For Fast-Growth Startups

 After IBM acquired her last company in 2010, Deidre Paknad led a high-growth global business for several years and worked with

554: The Bug Squasher – Test This Powerful Issue Tracker With One Line of Code

 Kirk Deis is a writer on Forbes, entrepreneur, and Founder/CEO of the digital marketing agency Treehouse 51. He has built two

553: Building a Diverse Workforce With Recruiting Artificial Intelligence

 Machines are biased. Why? Because humans are biased and humans teach machines. With artificial intelligence being integrated into HR departments in

552: New Data Reveals How STEM Learning Is On The Rise in Tech

 Thanks to technology, much of the world as we know it now will be vastly different in just a few decades.

551: How Web Performance Trends Are Building A Visual Internet

 Cloudinary allows any web application to manage all images in the cloud: upload, resize, crop, detect faces, Facebook & Twitter support,

550: Omni Accelerator – The Innovation Lab for Middle Office Solutions

 Apttus recently announced Omni Accelerator, the world’s first innovation lab for middle office solutions. The new research and engineering group to

549: DeepBrain Chain – The AI Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain

 No one ever discusses how expensive AI programs are to run. Did you know that AI enterprises need to spend on

548: Guy Kawasaki – Talking Tech, Apple, Steve Jobs, Social Media & Privacy

 Guy Kawasaki possesses an extensive knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. First and foremost, he is an evangelist. The term

547: What Is A Customer Data Platform (CDP)? And Why It Matters

 Understanding and engaging with prospects and customers in a maximally relevant, personalized way across digital and human channels is an essential

546: The LastPass Psychology of Passwords Report

 LastPass by LogMeIn, recently released findings of a new global survey, “Psychology of Passwords: Neglect is Helping Hackers Win,” revealing that

545: CircleCI CEO Uses Tech To Create A Diverse & Inclusive Culture

 CircleCI is the leading platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is also used by

544: Oyster Protocol The Cryptocurrency With A Working Product And A Real-World Use

 On today’s podcast, I chat to Chris Garner, Chief Marketing Officer at Oyster Protocol, a website monetization and distributed storage solution

543: How Tech Is Changing The Freelancing and Gig Economy

 Have found yourself wondering if the gig/freelance economy could be for you or how it’s impacting business owners and professionals around