451: The Startup Removing Information Silos & Apps To Increase Productivity

Jan 28, 2018

Instead of trying to integrate a bunch of different tools that aren’t talking to each other, wouldn’t it make more sense to have all of those features native on one platform? Meet Zillable. A new collaboration platform for teams big and small that is removing information silos by combining all the big productivity tools everybody’s using – chat, Kanban boards, online document collaboration, cloud storage, note-taking and more – in one place.

Basically, they are trying to eliminate the information silos created by having an app for every little thing and replacing it with one app for everything. It’s a place for people to work together, better and forget Slack, Asana, Trello, Google Docs, Evernote, and so on. With Zillable, you can have all your documents and all your tools in one place. It even integrates with your email. No more searching your devices and threads for what you need – all your content is at your fingertips at the moment you need it.

Zillable aims to disrupt the enterprise collaboration and communication space, competing with darlings like Slack and Trello and now taking on even Google, Dropbox and Salesforce in document collaboration. The platform is also aiming to bring new life to the word processing sphere with real-time, simultaneous document collaboration.

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I invited Emily Duncan to find out more about Zillable and their tech startup story. We discuss how this up-and-coming enterprise collaboration platform is the first to combine native chat, cloud storage, project management tools, and online document collaboration features. In a digital era of app fatigue and information silos scattered across multiple departments, has Zilable solved the problem with one solution that has all of a businesses productivity apps in one collaboration platform?

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The Startup Removing Information Silos & Apps to Increase Productivity - Zillable
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