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Are we overlooking the monumental failures in our quest for innovation? Today on Tech Talks Daily, I’m joined by Tom Conrad, a Silicon Valley veteran with a rich history in shaping how we interact with technology, from Pandora to Snapchat and beyond. Currently leading Zero, Tom brings a unique perspective on the resilience required in tech, diving into the harrowing yet enlightening lessons from billion-dollar blunders like Quibi and Pets.com.

Tom will unravel the layers of success that extend beyond just a stellar product. He’ll explain the importance of robust investment strategies, insightful leadership, and scalable operations that are vital to turning a great idea into a thriving enterprise. Furthermore, we delve into how Zero is transforming the healthcare landscape by democratizing health data, aiming to empower millions with accessible, understandable information to manage their health proactively.

This episode will not only explore Tom’s remarkable journey through tech’s highs and lows but also look ahead at the exciting intersection of AI and biodata that could redefine our health systems. How can past failures illuminate future strategies in business and personal health? After listening, share your thoughts on how we can better harness technology to turn setbacks into stepping stones for success.

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