119: Why 2016 Is The Year Of The Phish & How Avanan Is Securing The Cloud

Sep 29, 2016


buy modafinil malaysia Phishing is the #1 security concern for 2016, with an unprecedented growth in phishing attacks this year. Over 90% of the year’s hacking attacks began with an email, and increasingly, attackers are targeting Office365. I wanted to found out more and how both consumers and businesses can better protect themselves.

Avanan’s cloud security platform protects Office 365, Box, Google or any other enterprise SaaS application by offering cloud-based versions of best-of-breed technology from more than 60 leading vendors like Check Point, Symantec and Palo Alto Networks. With a click of a button, you can now deploy Malware Scanning, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Leakage Prevention, Anomaly Detection, Encryption, Cloud Access Control, File Sanitization, Shadow IT Detection, Shadow SaaS Protection and more. Avanan is the only SaaS security solution to provide the complete security stack with proven technologies.

“We came from the world of network security, where our customers told us that their data was moving to the cloud, but the security offered by ‘cloud access security brokers (CASB)’ was limited to a few young startups with immature and proprietary technologies. As we have seen in security, no single vendor has ever been able to provide best of breed in all technologies, so, we set out to solve the problem with a completely different approach—creating a platform that interoperates any security with any cloud. All with a click of a button,” said Gil Friedrich, co-founder and CEO of Avanan.

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