27: Will Innovation Make Your Home Smarter?

Jan 25, 2016

go It often feels like we have been talking about the impending arrival of the infamous internet of things (IoT) for as long as we can remember, but it has been incredibly difficult for users to grasp the concept of how it will affect their lives.  However, all this is about to change as technological innovation will soon be felt by each and every one of us in our own homes.

http://limgeomatics.com/optracker/ There have been a wealth of predictions about how #tech2016 will be the year of virtual reality, drones or driverless cars, but the biggest innovations will be the steady transformation of every humble household into a fully fledged smart home. Although, there are already a wealth of devices in the home that are constantly connected to the internet already, we have officially arrived at the watershed moment where devices will finally be able to talk to each other.

buy Lyrica steroids As Amazon Alexa begins to enter more and more third party products, there is a growing realization that they might have actually performed a stealth maneuver to corner the smart home market without anyone even realizing.

Whether you are in the office or away on holiday, those seeking a piece of mind will soon easily control a Wi-Fi connected robotic ball called Apple HomeKit, Samsung’s Smart Things, Apple HomeKit, Samsung’s Smart Things, and Google’s Brillo are all stepping up their game to offer a Jetsons-like experience that will see innovation revolutionize the average home and beyond as smart cities also become the norm.

f prednisolone 30 mg With the Nest thermostat bug recently leaving users in the cold and a new wave of sophisticated cyber-attacks leaving homes without electricity, it seems the smart home will continue to be the topic of many a heated debate.

Are you ready to embrace the concept of the smart home? or does the very thought of it leave you cold? I am genuinely interested in your opinions on this latest trend that will eventually impact us all in some way.
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