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In the dynamic realm of business technology, integrating new IT infrastructure can be exciting and daunting. As a tech journalist and podcaster, I’ve always been intrigued by how technology can solve real-world problems in our lives and businesses. Today, I want to share a valuable resource for any business leader considering a significant technological shift: the “We Got Your Mac” podcast by SHI International.

Listen to “Mac & Microsoft: Are you Intune with managing Apple devices?” on Spreaker.

Understanding the Podcast’s Essence

At its core, “We Got Your Mac” is not just another tech podcast. It’s a specialized guide for enterprise executives and business leaders contemplating integrating Apple’s Mac platform on a large scale within their organizations. The podcast is a beacon of knowledge in the vast sea of business technology discussions hosted by Victoria Barber and Kevin English.

The Unique Approach of “We Got Your Mac”

Its holistic approach to discussing Mac integration in enterprises sets “We Got Your Mac” apart. The podcast dives deep into the strategic rationale behind choosing Macs for an organization, analyzing the total cost of ownership and addressing the paramount concern of securing enterprise data in a Mac environment. It also sheds light on efficient strategies for managing Mac devices within an IT infrastructure.

A Confluence of Expertise and Real-World Insights

Each episode of “We Got Your Mac” is a confluence of expertise, featuring subject matter experts and IT leaders from SHI, Apple, and the broader IT community. These discussions are not just theoretical; they are grounded in real-world applications and experiences of businesses that have navigated the journey of integrating Macs. This blend of expert insights and practical experiences makes the podcast an invaluable resource for decision-makers.

SHI International’s Role in Empowering Businesses

Behind this insightful podcast is SHI International, a global technology solutions provider with over two decades of experience in helping organizations adopt Apple technologies. SHI’s involvement in the podcast is not limited to content creation; they are seasoned players in the tech solutions arena, offering a comprehensive approach to IT lifecycle management.

The Impact of “We Got Your Mac”

Listening to “We Got Your Mac” is like having a seasoned guide as you navigate the complex landscape of Mac adoption in the enterprise. The podcast highlights the positives and candidly discusses potential challenges and how to overcome them strategically. It’s a resource that helps listeners make informed decisions and successfully integrate Macs into their enterprise ecosystem.


In conclusion, “We Got Your Mac” is more than just a podcast; it’s a guiding light for businesses contemplating a significant shift in their IT infrastructure. This podcast offers a well-rounded perspective for those ready to embark on or advance their journey with Apple’s Mac platform. It ensures that technology adoption is about the tools and transforming your business to harness its full potential.

As we continue to explore how technology solves real-world problems in our lives and businesses, resources like “We Got Your Mac” play a crucial role in demystifying complex technologies and increasing adoption. It’s a podcast that embodies the spirit of understanding the business value technology can offer.

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