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Corey Nachreiner returns to the show to share his experiences and the remarkable work done by the WatchGuard Threat Lab research team. We start by reflecting on his journey over the past year, setting the stage for a deep dive into WatchGuard’s cybersecurity predictions for 2024.

These predictions aren’t just speculative; they are a window into the future challenges and opportunities in the realm of cybersecurity.

Corey discusses the intriguing concept of “Prompt Engineering,” a potential vulnerability in large language models (LLMs) that could lead to significant data leaks. He elaborates on the growing trend of AI/ML-based social engineering, focusing on phishing automation kits sold on the dark web, presenting a formidable challenge for organizations worldwide.

We then focus on the rise of AI-driven voice phishing (vishing) attacks. Corey explains how combining deepfake audio and LLMs could lead to an alarming increase in sophisticated vishing calls. The conversation also covers the vulnerabilities associated with the widespread use of QR codes, revealing the risks of what seems like a simple technology.

A particularly fascinating segment delves into the emerging threats in the realm of virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR). Corey shares insights on how hackers could potentially steal detailed environmental data from VR/MR headsets, a concerning prospect for privacy and security.

The episode also highlights the crucial role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in addressing the cybersecurity talent shortage. Corey discusses how MSPs are leveraging automated platforms to double their security services, despite the skills gap in the industry.

In closing, we explore the broader trends shaping the cybersecurity landscape in 2024 and beyond. Corey offers strategic advice on how organizations can adapt and prepare for these evolving threats. We also ponder over the future threat landscape, considering the impact of emerging technologies on cybersecurity.

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