385: Venzee Reveal “Mesh” to Help Businesses Connect to Blockchain

Nov 16, 2017


buy Pregabalin 75 mg capsule Almost every tech news site is currently filled with stories about blockchain, cryptocurrency stories or how startups are increasingly turning to initial coin offerings (ICO) to raise money fast. Sure, the usual suspects Mashable and TNW might have guides, but the average nontechie just hears white noise. Equally, we all need to brace ourselves for this technological change and learn in a language that we can all understand.

So when I heard that Kate Hiscox, is not only the CEO of Venzee about to embark on a Blockchain product launch but she is also a self-confessed blockchain geek, it seemed that stars were aligned and I must get her on the show. If her vast knowledge, expertise, and insights fail to impress, I guarantee that the Ethereum mine sat on the side of her desk certainly will.

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Venzee is a leading retail and supply chain SaaS platform that has just announced the launch of Mesh, the first middleware solution that enables businesses to easily connect everyday apps and enterprise solutions with blockchain networks. Mesh validates, transforms and filters data before it reaches the blockchain, ensuring it is error free and compatible for business purposes, including smart contracts.

Blockchain is poised to be the most disruptive force in business in generations — it establishes a new level of trust, accountability, and transparency in any kind of electronic transaction. Kate Hiscox, CEO of Venzee.

However, Katie also advised that most traditional systems can’t connect to blockchain networks out of the box and, since it’s a decentralized database of immutable records, there are serious concerns about accidentally sharing wrong or sensitive information. With the launch of Mesh, they are able to make data exchange for blockchain networks fast, easy and reliable for any industry.

Venzee launched back in 2014 to help e-commerce vendors, and retailers easily share new product information and ongoing updates, something that was traditionally done through spreadsheets, which are labor intensive to manage and which eat into margins. Its technology, which leverages artificial intelligence to streamline product information management, allows thousands of e-commerce vendors and retailers that have different formats for product information to seamlessly share information, avoiding delays and getting products to market faster than ever.

Venzee’s blockchain middleware solution takes a similar approach.The Mesh framework comprises of three distinct layers. A staging area where data is imported, merged and validated before moving to transformation. Next, Mesh transforms the data to fit the requirement of a particular purpose, like a smart contract. The results are then moved to a final deployment step, where custom failsafe checks can be created to prevent incorrect or sensitive data being written to blockchain, where it becomes immutable.

For the past four years, we’ve been perfecting system connectivity and bringing interoperable data to the $23 trillion retail industry, one of the most demanding industries when it comes to correctly formatted, error-free, real-time data, with this launch, we are leveraging everything we’ve learned and created, to serve the growing blockchain industry.

Globally, blockchain continues to attract significant attention from traditional VC investors, corporations and governments. According to KPMG, there were $367 million venture investments in 2016 and that number is expected to grow 2017. The diversity of blockchain use cases continue to grow – from banking and insurance to credit default swaps, supply chains, and re-insurance. As blockchain continues to grow, the challenge continues to be the lack of implemented production systems and how they communicate. This is where Venzee is stepping up to the plate.

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