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The Tech Blog Writer Podcast Has Listeners In Over 165 Countries

Neil C. Hughes - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

As a Tech Columnist and podcaster, I am on a quest to understand how technology is transforming both businesses and our lifestyle, but without the hype in my tech podcast. The Tech Blog Writer Podcast features diverse interviews with startups, tech leaders, thought leaders, CEO’s, solopreneurs, disruptors, and entrepreneurs. Guests share their success stories, experiences and invaluable advice about the latest tech trends affecting multiple industries.

Over the last 12 months, I have spoken with Capital One about being the first bank to embrace Amazon Echo. Meanwhile, as the digital transformation gathers pace, I have also recorded interviews with Adobe, Thomson Reuters, The Wyndham Hotel Group, and USA Today. Along the way, I have learned how it is also affecting sport and entertainment after enjoying conversations with Machester Utd, Real Madrid,, BBC America and Fender digital. I have also been incredibly fortunate to interview TV talk show host Wendy Williams and Star Trek’s William Shatner about how they are using technology on my podcast.

However, my biggest passion is sharing real startup stories from all over the world so that others can learn from their valuable insights. The Tech Blog Writer Podcast currently has listeners in 165 countries. In the last 12 months alone, I have interviewed guests from the US, UK, Australia, China, Canada, Israel, Estonia, St Petersberg, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and many more. I also enjoy helping individuals and businesses launch their own podcast too.

Although my guests and clients are often thousands of miles away, there are remarkable similarities in all of the tech stories that I have shared. Most of the people I encounter with don’t complain about friction points or challenges, they simply see an opportunity to remove them. As someone that records daily podcast episodes in a small room on my own, I feel compelled to get to know all of my listeners. For these reasons alone, I feel incredibly humbled to finish 2017 by being featured in Forbes as one of their list entitled “15 Inspiring Podcasts For Professionals Of Every Stripe.”

Forbes - Tech Blog Writer Podcast


13. These days, technology is everyone’s business. It infuses every aspect of our lives from work to home. Neil Hughes, a tech writer and LinkedIn Top Voice, interviews tech entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought leaders, and shares information on the latest tech developments. Whether you are looking to develop your career or business, Neil shares great insights so you can plan your future. – Larry BoyerSuccess Rockets LLC

Although I am flattered by the attention, it’s my hope that this podcast highlights how technology really does work best when it brings people together. I invite everyone to share their insights, expertise, and questions by sending a virtual voicemail to the show by recording a message below.

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