390: The UK Tech Startup Story Behind Unijem

Nov 21, 2017


how to buy Deltasone without a prescription Unijem is a tech start-up based in the West Midlands here in the UK. The company has recently released a new product so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world, straight from your smartphone.

I wanted to secure my property and monitor it while I wasn’t around. This led me to design a truly complete 24/7 security and monitoring solution.

Unlike other smart security systems on the market, the 180 degree HD wall light camera that goes on the exterior of the house, rather than just a doorbell. But you can also have a two-way conversation with visitors while you’re away from your property through a specially designed app, available on Android and Apple devices.

The Unijem brand is unlike other brands that update the same product every year. Unijem is more than just a product; it is a brand of passion and dreams to create multiple great products.

This is not the only product we have, we have loads of ideas we will be developing, this was just the easiest one to do first. I’m a very creative person and have a passion for creating and being different. Unijem makes products that have the best possible features from the start. Unijem products are therefore complete – a perfect product and a perfect brand.

Jay Carty is the CEO and Chief Designer/Creator and based in Birmingham, England, where his infectious enthusiasm for creating tech solutions to solve real problems and create unique products are well known. He is a former microbiologist who has worked for high profile companies including Seven Trent Water and Cadburys.

I invited Jay onto the podcast to hear about his unique UK tech start-up story.

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