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Are we genuinely leveraging the full potential of AI in our workplaces? In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I dive into an enlightening discussion with Hugo Sarrazin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at UKG, exploring how AI is transforming the landscape of work and employee engagement.

UKG, a trailblazer in workforce management, is not only innovating in the realm of AI but also rigorously upskilling its workforce to harness these advancements. Hugo highlights how UKG’s impressive team of over 50 AI scientists is one of its fastest-growing groups. He delves into the intriguing process of training over 1,000 people within their engineering organization, empowering them to leverage AI tools in their roles effectively.

The role of hackathons in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity at UKG is another captivating aspect that Hugo discusses, detailing how these events drive product and service innovations. But how do employees and leaders perceive AI? Hugo provides insights from recent data revealing a dichotomy: while most employees are open to embracing AI, transparency from their organizations is crucial.

Interestingly, there is a disconnect between the perceptions of C-suite leaders and employees regarding AI usage in their daily work. Hugo addresses these challenges and the ethical considerations companies face as they race to adopt AI technologies.

Moreover, Hugo talks about UKG’s overarching strategy to maximize the impact of generative AI, creating better workplaces not just for office workers but crucially for the often-overlooked frontline employees. With 65% of today’s workforce on the frontlines, UKG is pioneering the use of AI to enhance their experience, aiming to break the cycle of high turnover and burnout by catering to their needs for autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

In addition to exploring these themes, we discuss Hugo’s journey, from playing varsity water polo to leading product and technology at UKG. We also ponder the pressure of continuous learning in our fast-paced world and where one might turn to self-educate effectively.

How is your workplace adapting to the AI revolution? Are the tools and technologies in place aligning with the needs and aspirations of the workforce? Join the conversation and share your thoughts on how we can collectively harness the power of AI to create more human-centric, efficient, and fulfilling workplaces.

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