UK Podcasters Feature The Tech Blog Writer as Podcast of the Week

Nov 23, 2015

click here Sitting in a silent room in front of a microphone to record a podcast can be quite a daunting experience. I also share the same concern as most people reading this in hating the sound of my own voice. However, I was determined to launch my own Podcast to engage with my audience in a unique and meaningful way while also encouraging the listeners to use the platform for their voice.

cheap prednisone for dogs I am now quite humbled to learn that I have been selected by the UK Podcasters website as their Podcast of the week which is incredibly exciting and just the encouragement I need to keep recording episodes.

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Despite my original concerns, I have made some incredible new friends from all over the world that have taught me so much in the last few months and think its one if the best decisions that I have ever made. A huge thank-you to all of my listeners and the guys over at UK Podcasters for inspiring this Tech Blog Writer.

At a recent TedX event in Leamington Spa, I bumped into one of the speakers who shares my name in one of those happy accident kinds of scenarios. After a brief chat, we have decided to meet up for the next episode and get two Neil Hughes on one podcast. It might be like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters, but it’s not everyday life throws an opportunity like this your way.

Whether it be meeting people at the TedX event or being featured on the UK podcasting websites, it has taught me a precious lesson of how I didn’t realise just how far my words or voice could travel from that silent dimly lit room and the power of meaningfully engaging with each other.

These are just a few of the reasons that prove technology really works best when it brings people together.



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