424: Aaron Rallo – Insights From Working On 3 Tech Startups

Jan 01, 2018

cheap prednisone online TSO Logic was founded to provide a deeper level of insight into today’s increasingly complex environments. The need for greater operational transparency became apparent through extensive, sometimes frustrating, experience. While running businesses with large-scale server farms, our founder, Aaron Rallo, saw that the company paid the same hefty bills month after month, regardless of how busy the data center had been.

Thus his realization: if he could devise a better way to measure application workloads, improved operational performance and substantial savings would likely follow. So Aaron set out to build a solution that could deliver the data and insights required to provide a complete picture — from application performance, server capacity, and resource allocation to energy use and more. And so, with the introduction of the industry’s first lightweight, non-invasive software designed exclusively for optimizing application delivery, TSO Logic began.

After working 15 years in major data centers worldwide, Aaron’s experience with the company’s clients, as well as previous stints building and managing large-scale server farms, has given him an insider’s view of the challenges facing data centers and driven him to develop solutions for tackling tough management issues: How to meet customer demands and strict service level agreement requirements, all while reducing operational and capital expenses.

In addition to his data center experience, Aaron previously served as president and CEO of PNI Digital Media, vice president of web development and operations for Fuji Film, and senior product manager with Microsoft’s digital imaging team. He graduated from Stanford University’s AEA Program and holds a degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

TSO Logic is the third startup that Aaron Rallo, CEO has been part of. Prior to that, he held positions at Microsoft and Fujifilm, and spent 16 years building and operating online platforms for large retailers including Walmart, Costco and Tesco. TSO Logic serves Fortune 500 companies and partners with AWS, Azure and other major cloud providers to help enterprises right-size their multiple clouds for their major migration and storage decisions.

After hearing how TSO Logic was also recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” for innovation in cloud computing, I invited Aaron Rallo onto the show to find out more about his startup stories.

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