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Blogging Your Way To Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

4 Years of Viral Hits

I am often asked, why I like writing on the LinkedIn publishing platform. As someone that has written content on Inc, HuffPost and TNW I do not know of any platform that can not only provide anyone with a viral hit but also display how many likes, shares, and comments each post achieves for everyone to see.

If you take a look at the header image of this article, I can easily show you a high performing post for the last four years. Many of the more popular online magazines fail to attract this kind of traffic. For this reason, many people ask me for tips on how they can become successful writing on LinkedIn.


There are over 7 billion people in the world and 400 million professionals on LinkedIn alone. Although it can be overwhelming contemplating how you can make both your business and yourself stand out from the crowd.Thankfully, the days of shameless self-promotion are gone. The new currency across the digital landscape is building trust and delivering value by solving problems or offering future industry insights.

The good news is that nobody has the unique life experience or problem-solving skillset as you or your company. We are now conditioned to find solutions to our problems, analyze industry trends or provide solutions to almost any problem by searching online.

The reasons why you need to think about positioning yourself and your business as an expert in your field are well documented.There are a wealth of self-proclaimed experts with a handful of followers and article views who are selling courses and books without experiencing any success of their own.

Nobody will be able to earn the title of becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice without the essential ingredients of patience, hard work and dedication to helping others more than yourself. But, if you are already armed with these skills, I can offer you the guidance that you need to level up.


Our always-online digital society now places a stronger emphasis on your personal brand. Equally, how you demonstrate your expertise, share knowledge and network both online and offline is what makes you attractive to potential employers.

Did you know that LinkedIn has more than 1 million publishers and more than 150,000 posts are published every week? Or that the average post reaches LinkedIn members in 21 industries and nine countries?

Any blog post that you publish on LinkedIn will be seen by your LinkedIn connections. However, LinkedIn Pulse promotes posts that feature on more than 100 individual channels.

The Top 10 Most Popular Channels On LinkedIn

“Leadership & Management” – 22.9 million
“Big Ideas & Innovation” – 20 million
“Technology” – 18.9 million
“Entrepreneurship” – 15 million
“Social Media” – 14.9 million
“Economy” – 14 million
“Professional Women” – 13 million
“Marketing & Advertising” – 13 million
“Banking & Finance” – 9.9 million
“Green Business” – 9.4 million

If your posts are featured in one of these channels you could quickly find yourself with a viral hit on your hands.


Getting your content in front of a huge audience can certainly help catapult your reputation as an industry thought leader. LinkedIn is also unique in that it also displays all of your stats around your growing portfolio of work for all to see. However, it’s not all about viral hits and seeing your name in lights. If you look beyond how many people have viewed your article, the richer story is how many people are engaging with your work by sharing and commenting.

Helping others overcome their existing problems while also using your knowledge of current trends to create a vision of future industry challenges is more valuable than any accolade.

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