310: How Estonian Tech Startup Testlio Is Providing On-Demand QA Testers

Aug 07, 2017

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get link Estonia is increasingly being seen as the new European startup hub. There is already an extensive list of Estonian start-ups such as Skype, TransferWise, Guardtime, and Fortumo. But, after graduating from the TechStars Accelerator Academy, it is now Testlio that is receiving recognition for all the right reasons.

Testlio is helping businesses improve their customer experiences by providing a community of highly vetted testers and an end-to-end QA management platform. They assemble dedicated QA dream teams from our vetted, experienced, and passionate tester community. The platform seamlessly integrates into the tools that you already use and connects you with the team giving users a high degree of visibility.

Essentially, Testlio is a testing company founded by testers with some impressive stats.

  • The products that the startup tests reach over 650 million users every month
  • Expert testers in over 40 countries covering 65+ languages and thousands of devices
  • The average test cycle by Testlio is just 24 hours

With customers including Microsoft, Lyft, Salesforce, CBS Interactive, Flipboard and Strava I invited co-founder and CEO, Kristel Kruustük onto the show to find out more. At just 23, she became disillusioned by how app testers were treated and wanted to build a platform that would appreciate the work of testers and change the way QA was done.

Kristel shared the idea with her then-boyfriend, later-cofounder, and now-husband Marko which resulted in them entering the world’s largest hackathon Angelhack. Together, they took home first place winning a $25,000 seed investment and their first paying customer. It’s an amazing story of a power due that set out to change the world of testing and did just that.

In this episode, we discuss Kristel’s startup story and the biggest challenges that come with scaling a startup. We also discuss the vibrant and thriving Estonian startup scene.

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