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The Tech Talks Daily Podcast has listeners in 165 countries and my written content also has a strong online engagement with over 50,000 followers. However, I do not spend all my time writing articles and recording podcasts from the comfort of my home. When covering tech events all over the world, I always invite guests and listeners to monitor my event calendar and meet me in person if I am on their side of the world.

Tech Event Coverage 2018

Technology has also revolutionized the event industry and how information is digested and shared by audiences. For these reasons alone, I am passionate about breaking out of my comfort zone and being a part of conversations in tech conferences all over the world. You can find me broadcasting my findings outside of crowded venues with written, audio and video content.

In 2018, I took my daily tech podcast on the road and traveled over 60,000 miles. Throughout the year, I covered live tech events in Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Francisco, Barcelona, Rome, and London. When attending live tech events, I have interviewed leaders from Adobe, Microsoft, IBM Watson, Magento, Reuters, and ZTE. In 2019, I traveled even more miles and even managed to interview Gary Vaynerchuk in Armenia and then again in Las Vegas.

Tech Event Coverage 2018 Tech Blog WriterI am also fortunate to have spoken with hugely successful individuals such as William Shatner, Wendy WilliamsGuy Kawasaki, John Sculley, and Marylene Delbourg-Delphis about their careers and the role that technology has played in their success. All of my podcast interviews are published on multiple platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneInRadio, I Heart Radio, Stitcher and Podbean during the event. But, key takeaways from the interviews are repurposed into written articles too.

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast was featured by Forbes in their 15 Inspiring Podcasts For Professionals Of Every Stripe list. Examples of my written work can be found on my columns at TechHQIncHuffington Post, TargetMarketing, and The Next Web. Accolades include being named one of the “Top 9 Influential Tech Leaders on LinkedIn” by CIO Magazine and ZDNet included me on their list of “You need to follow these 20 big tech thinkers right now.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, David Blaine - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

I enjoy working with people from multiple industries in every corner of the world. Essentially, I believe that technology works best when it brings people together. I hope that in a small way my written work and podcasts can highlight that technology is now everyone’s business.

It’s worth noting that I am expecting 2020 to be much busier and I currently have daily podcasts booked in for up to eight weeks in advance. During the peak event season, my calendar is already booking up fast. Please contact me sooner rather than later if you need my assistance with anything.

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