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706: The Snap-On Smartphone Projector Uniting Different Generations of Storytelling

Natalie Rebot is a Google software engineer turned entrepreneur that created a new device which can be used with your smartphone to

672: Making Technology Accessible to People Who Otherwise Would be Left Behind

 For everyone listening in Western Europe and The US, many will be getting excited about the holiday season and picking up

633: How Openpath Enables Staff to Access Their Office With Their Phone

 Openpath is a company that is focused on bringing the IoT solutions consumers enjoy at home to the workplace. Alex Kazerani (CEO) and

434: CES 2018 – ZTE CEO Lixin Cheng Talks About Axon M, IoT & 5G

 Are you disillusioned with the smartphone market in a mobile-first world where 99% of the devices look the same? One of