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639: Voice Search – Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Brand Voice Up To Google, Amazon, Apple

follow url  SPLICE Software blends art and science in creating stronger connections and improving the customer experience for insurers, bankers, and retailers. Their

533: Aigo – Blockchain Payment Solutions Built By AI and Cognitive Experts

click here  Wouldn’t we all love to have a personal AI helper that is actually smart and useful, and moreover, one that is highly personalized

511: Empowering An Entire Generation of Women Tech Entrepreneurs

source url  It all started in New York City when Elevacao CEO and founder Marisa Warren met Karen Jacobsen, the Australian voice of

402: The Canadian Tech Startup Setting A New Standard For Voice Recognition

 As we increasingly turn to virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google, it is already becoming easier