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394: How The Camden Watch Company Is Crowdfunding Its First Automatic Collection

follow url  The arrival of tech wearables and the Apple Watch allow users to instantly be fed notifications from their phone. Whether it’s

337: Notion – The Wireless IoT Smart Home Monitoring System & Awareness Sensor Notion is a hockey-puck sized sensor that users stick above doors, below sinks, next to lights (and many more applications) to monitor

173: CES 2017 – ZTE Unveils Hawkeye, The World’s First ‘Crowdsourced’ Phone ZTE’s Project CSX Crowdsourced Smartphone Comes to Life Through the “Hawkeye” Name revealed at CES 2017. Continuing with the crowdsourced theme, the

170: Why The Kickstarter for Waterproof, Breathable Pants Has Legs

You may have seen Legs Jacket by VEAR feature on cool gift guides over the last few weeks. Known as the Stylish Rain

160: Moonlite, A Kickstarter Project That Turns Your Phone Into A Bedtime Story Projector

Natalie Rebot is a Google software engineer turned entrepreneur that has created a new device which can be used with your smartphone

51: Brewbarrel Co-founder Wolfgang Westermeier Talks About Their Kickstarter Journey

Podcasting is thirsty work and after doing a few podcasts around how the traditional wine industry is being disrupted by technology you

48: The Kyon Smart Pet Collar Brings Wearable Tech To Your Dog

I always talk about how technology is bringing people together but what about tech bringing people and pets together? The concept is