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714: How Tech Startup HealthBank is Aiming to Improve Healthcare

In response to the increasing challenge facing the healthcare sector, a group of renowned scientists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, and academic figures is

703: The Partnership Transforming The Healthcare Industry With Blockchain

On episode 584 of this podcast, I spoke with Marcus Whitney, the Nashville-based investor, entrepreneur, and president of Briovation. We discussed blockchain

701: GYANT – How Doctors Augmented by AI Are Here to Help You

GYANT offers a suite of asynchronous virtual care solutions that were created by practicing physicians and providers. They understand that any solution

667: HealthTech: Snap40 – The AI-Powered Patient Monitoring Solution

snap40 is an AI-enabled healthcare company with the mission to protect the health of every human being. The company recently announced that

654: How Curaizon is Improving Healthcare, Reducing Costs, Saving Lives

Did you know that text messaging has the potential to save millions of lives and billions in health care costs by ensuring

605: Aid:Tech – Blockchain for Social Impact That’s A Global Game Changer

 Did you know that 2.4 billion people have no identity? Without a legal identity, billions of people are without access to the

549: DeepBrain Chain – The AI Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain

? No one ever discusses how expensive AI programs are to run. Did you know that AI enterprises need to spend on

540: How WeGo Health Are Uniting Patient Leaders and Experts

 WEGO Health is on a mission-driven company connecting health care with the experience, skills, and insights. They are the world’s largest

470: Why Former Apple CEO John Sculley Is Still In The Disruption Business

 John Sculley is one of America’s best-known business leaders, with one foot in the storied history of Apple technology and the

363: HealthTech – How NovuHealth Positively Influences Patient Behavior

NovuHealth is a consumer engagement company in the healthcare industry. Combining performance analytics, behavior science and comprehensive technology solutions, they are enabling

311: Woebot – The AI Chatbot Therapist Designed To Help People Feel Happier & Listens 24/7

I recently discovered a company called Woebot, and they’ve built a smart chatbot (uses AI) to address the growing mental health epidemic. Woebot lives

143: The Internet of Medical Devices & The Future of Healthcare Tech

Healthcare startups represent a booming industry. We have all heard about how the Internet of Things. (IoT) will change our world. But