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533: Aigo – Blockchain Payment Solutions Built By AI and Cognitive Experts

 Wouldn’t we all love to have a personal AI helper that is actually smart and useful, and moreover, one that is highly personalized

497: How Pointy Gets Local Retailers Most Obscure Products On Google

 Mark Cummins is the co-founder of Pointy, a startup that helps local retailers get their products online. Retailers just plug in

441: EdTech – How Hackathons Are Helping Quizlet Make a Difference

 San Francisco-based EdTech company, Quizlet is the largest user-generated online learning platform in the U.S. Every month, over 30 million active

Episode 4: Tech News Round-Up

A bite sized tech news round-up in Episode 4 of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast. This weeks big stories involve the alarms