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761: Aeternity – Can Blockchain and GDPR Be Compatible?

A recent report highlighted that 74% of blockchain firms in the United Kingdom cite regulatory issues as being one of their key

740: Campaign Monitor CMO on How GDPR Saved Email Marketing

Last year Campaign Monitor merged with Emma and Delivra to create a new Campaign Monitor Brand. The global email marketing company now

687: Adobe – Brands Embrace AI to Deliver Personalized Digital Experiences

Brands are speeding up investment in Artificial Intelligence to gain a competitive advantage in delivering personalized customer experiences at scale by 2020 according

614: SAP Customer Data Cloud and Bringing Trust into Marketing

 SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions from Gigya is the industry’s only solution based on a consent-based data model. The solution helps

559: SessionM -The Tech Behind The Customer Data Platform

 SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform that handles complex, large-scale personal data sets for some of the largest organizations

508: Tackling GDPR Compliance & Building a Strategic HR Team

 I recently discovered an HR Tech company called PeopleDoc that began life in Paris but is now growing rapidly in the

444: LegalTech – Tackling GDRP and Legal Tech Trends helps organizations make their website GDPR & Data Privacy Compliant. Established by Dan Storbaek, former CEO at Skarpline and management

265: How to Prepare For The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR )

As businesses continue to get excited about machine learning and AI to unlock data. But make no mistake next year the focus