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768: Real-Time Email Personalization Made Simple and Scalable

We appear to be entering a period of expansive email marketing platforms, Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo, Salesforce’s acquisition of Rebel, and Twilio’s

740: Campaign Monitor CMO on How GDPR Saved Email Marketing

Last year Campaign Monitor merged with Emma and Delivra to create a new Campaign Monitor Brand. The global email marketing company now

562: Campaign Monitor Merges with Emma and Delivra

 Last week it was revealed that Campaign Monitor was to merge with Emma and Delivra to launch new Campaign Monitor Brand.

334: How Return Path Is Helping Marketers Reach Your E-Mail Inbox

Do you wake up each morning and reach for your smartphone to see how many emails you can instantly delete without reading

316: Meet Emma – The Email Marketing Platform Thinking Outside The Inbox

Our inboxes are subjected to generic emails from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each morning, we reach for our

Ep17: Can Unroll.Me Help You Reach Inbox Zero?

Our endless quest to unlock productivity often falls at the first hurdle thanks to the daily deluge of emails waiting for us