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787: How Cryptowerk Helps Businesses Fight Fraud with Blockchains

Admiral Michael S. Rogers of the U.S. Navy and Director of the NSA recently said that data tampering could become the greatest

783: Monax – The Public Beta Legal Blockchain-Based Platform

The Monax Platform is a contract lifecycle management tool which allows consumers to easily procure lawyer-tested agreements and stay in full control

779: Blockchain Development Ethics & The Rising Demand for Talent

If you are looking for a job in blockchain or exploring the possibilities of reskilling and a career change where you can work

775: LBRY: The Decentralized Sharing Platform Run by the Community

LBRY is building the ultimate content distribution protocol. This protocol combines blockchain, P2P data distribution, and good old fashioned applications, to provide

773: How Digix is Combining The Security of Gold and Access of Crypto

As a potential trade war between China and the United States looms and confusion surrounding Brexit mounts, the strength of traditional fiat

761: Aeternity – Can Blockchain and GDPR Be Compatible?

A recent report highlighted that 74% of blockchain firms in the United Kingdom cite regulatory issues as being one of their key

760: Dash Core Team CEO Ryan Taylor – What’s Next For Dash Pay?

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is encouraging companies to start or relocate to Phoenix by welcoming businesses working with emerging technologies

755: Crypto – Horizen (formerly ZenCash) Unveil Sphere

Meet Horizen – a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and a leading-edge technology platform. The company is connected to many crypto-payment providers and is constantly

754: So, You’ve Got A DAO, Management For The 21st Century

So, You’ve Got A DAO, Management For The 21st Century is a guide which covers the mindset, the skillset, and the communication

731: The Open Sourced, Enterprise-Focused Blockchain Platform

Insolar is building an open source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and unlock new growth opportunities powered by

728: Meet The World’sFirst Decentralized VPN Blockchain Project

In a world where choice is exploding, freedom and human rights are being limited. We are seeing a growing trend of censorship

703: The Partnership Transforming The Healthcare Industry With Blockchain

On episode 584 of this podcast, I spoke with Marcus Whitney, the Nashville-based investor, entrepreneur, and president of Briovation. We discussed blockchain

702: WHIRL – The Blockchain-Powered “Pay It Forward” Crowdfunding Platform

Whirl is a completely new crowdfunding platform built on the principle of ‘Pay It Forward’. You can use Whirl to get funding

699: The Quantum Computing Threat to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is cryptography with longevity, a postquantum secure blockchain featuring a stateful signature scheme and unparalleled security. Unlike

698: Talking Ouroboros and Cardano With Aggelos Kiayias, IOHK Chief Scientist

IOHK is the leading blockchain research and development company behind top 10 cryptocurrency Cardano. They have also recently announced that it will

696: Privacy, Protection and Decentralized Data – Introducing Loki

2018 has seen major corporations fall victim to hacks and the harvesting of customer information. Millions of customers of some of the

681: How South Korea is Helping Bring Blockchain Into The Mainstream

One of the things I am most passionate about when recording this show is how technology is transforming the world and in

669: Orbs – The Hybrid Blockchain. Extreme Scale With NextGen Security

Orbs is the hybrid blockchain offering performance as fast as centralized solutions without compromising security. Orbs has developed breakthrough technologies to achieve

663: How Universal Reward Protocol Is Personalizing Shopper Engagement

On today’s daily tech podcast, I explore why it’s time to prepare for loyalty 3.0 Universal Reward Protocol turns to Ethereum Technology to

656: LaneAxis ICO (AXIS Token): Blockchain Trucking & Freight Shipping

 The trucking industry is currently reliant on outdated tech fraught with paper trails, long wait times, and numerous middlemen that take