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744: CES – Wireless Mic Mikme Brings Studio Sound to Mobile Videos

At CES we have heard the usual debates about which new smartphone is best. Which has the best display? the best camera?

711: The Music Technologist That Ozzy Osbourne Calls “The Rocket Man”

David Frangioni is an entrepreneur, an award-winning music technologist, producer, engineer and drummer, VP of Entertainment & Digital Media for Klique, Founder

651: How Audio Technology Will Impact Video Streaming Platforms

Have you ever wondered how audio technology will impact the leading video streaming platforms in the next 2 years? The Video Streaming

535: How AI Tech Startup Audioburst Will Change How You Consume Audio Content

Audioburst is a revolutionary AI-powered audio search platform connecting audio content and users. With the mission of organizing the world’s audio content,

449: The Music Radio Creative – Mastering Audio With Mike Russell

 Mike Russell is the creative director of Music Radio Creative. Audio production is his life. Mike enjoys helping people to sound

381: How The Mikme Microphone Brings Studio Quality Sound To Your Smartphone HD Videos

We are all creatives now. Whether it be showcasing our holiday videos, streaming our gaming sessions or recording a podcast, we can

335: How Storyblocks Is Becoming The Ultimate Creative Resource For Stock Video, Images, And Audio

Videoblocks is now bringing content libraries together under a new brand called Storyblocks, to make Room for millions of photos in a