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641: How Snips Is Planning To Take Down Alexa With Privacy and Blockchain  I recently spoke to Tara Kelly from Splice Software about the dangers of handing over the keys to your brand’s voice

638: The Rise of IIoT and Artificial Intelligence In Industry  Industrial executives and operators are faced with the challenge of doing more with less, while simultaneously reducing excessive resource consumption. Industries

627: Larry Boyer and The Robot In The Next Cubicle  Larry Boyer recently released The Robot In The Next Cubicle. His book is an optimistic and useful look at the coming convergence

616: Meet The First US-Based Publicly Traded Blockchain Development Company

 On my daily tech podcast, I try to look beyond the buzzwords to find the real gold and how some businesses

613: The Tech Company Trusted By 18 of the Top 20 Fortune 100 Companies

 FocusVision is a full-spectrum insights and analytics technology solutions, provider. Established in 1992, it was the first company to live-stream focus

597: Software Advice On How SMB Can Future-Proof Themselves With AI

597: Software Advice On How SMB Can Future-Proof Themselves With AI In order for businesses to maintain a competitive advantage in the

579: How Pypestream Is Bringing The On-Demand Economy to Enterprises

Pypestream is on a mission to make life easier by allowing businesses to connect with their customers through a secure channel, referred

572: Brainshark Reveals AI-Powered Engine to Elevate Sales Coaching

 As AI percolates into the enterprise, sales organizations have distinguished themselves as early adopters. For example, using AI to improve forecasting

571: How AI Can Be Used to Achieve Big and Small Wins in Business

 Ople is a B2B software that uses AI to maximize the value of data. The company is aiming to solve both

569: How Evolv Balances Security, Safety, Flow and Customer Experience

 In 2013, Mike Ellenbogen and Anil Chitkara set out on a mission to make the world a safer place. They assembled

566: How GrokStyle Is Bringing Vision-Based AI Solutions to Retail

 GrokStyle is a provider of vision-based AI solutions for retail that recently announced that it has been selected by IKEA to

561: Amadeus Code – The AI App Enhancing The Creative Process For Songwriters

 Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant. The app lets users adjust the AI-generated songs in a wide variety of

553: Building a Diverse Workforce With Recruiting Artificial Intelligence

? Machines are biased. Why? Because humans are biased and humans teach machines. With artificial intelligence being integrated into HR departments in

550: Omni Accelerator – The Innovation Lab for Middle Office Solutions

 Apttus recently announced Omni Accelerator, the world’s first innovation lab for middle office solutions. The new research and engineering group to

549: DeepBrain Chain – The AI Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain

 No one ever discusses how expensive AI programs are to run. Did you know that AI enterprises need to spend on

546: The LastPass Psychology of Passwords Report

 LastPass by LogMeIn, recently released findings of a new global survey, “Psychology of Passwords: Neglect is Helping Hackers Win,” revealing that

533: Aigo – Blockchain Payment Solutions Built By AI and Cognitive Experts

 Wouldn’t we all love to have a personal AI helper that is actually smart and useful, and moreover, one that is highly personalized

532: The Tech Startup Building An ‘Anti Fake News’ Media Platform

 Factmata is a London-based tech startup that uses artificial intelligence to help social media companies, publishers, and advertising networks weed out

526: BrainCorp – An AI Technology Company Creating Brain’s For Robots

 Brain Corporation (Brain Corp) is a San Diego-based AI company that partners with manufacturers of commercial equipment and consumer electronics to

525: Microsoft Business Applications – Hayden Stafford

 Microsoft VP Hayden Stafford said in his Keynote at Apttus Accelerate that “It’s not industries that are transforming, it’s companies transforming