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Charlie Robertson and Harry Simmonds from Studio Elros join me on Tech Talks Daily. Studio Elros isn’t just another venture studio; it’s a hub where world-class inventors and forward-thinking organizations converge to co-create products and startups.

Their mission? To foster positive change for people, the environment, and communities. This episode takes us on a journey from the West Midlands to Edinburgh and New Zealand, illustrating the power of curiosity and uncertainty in driving innovation.

Charlie and Harry share the fascinating origin story of Studio Elros, including their serendipitous meeting while walking the length of New Zealand. This adventure marked the beginning of their partnership and laid the foundation for a venture studio driven by a passion for exploration and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.

We delve into Studio Elros’ unique partnership model, focusing on building relationships with organizations to create products that genuinely move the world forward. The duo discusses their approach to selecting projects, emphasizing their passion for initiatives that align with their core values.

Harry brings insights from his experience at Apple, shedding light on how big tech influences smaller innovation hubs. We also explore the studio’s sustainability and environmental focus with a fascinating dive into one of their projects on algae farming. This example underscores their commitment to sustainability and showcases how technology can be leveraged for environmental good.

As educators in AI, ML, and product design, Charlie and Harry emphasize the importance of sustainable focus in these fields. They believe in nurturing a culture of open-minded thinkers and builders dedicated to designing products that solve problems and contribute positively to our world.

This episode is a testament to the power of curiosity, serendipity, and openness to new ideas and opportunities. It intertwines life, technology, the universe, and everything in between, reminding us that a human story is at the heart of every technological advancement.

Join us on this inspiring journey with Charlie Robertson and Harry Simmonds from Studio Elros and discover how technology, combined with human creativity and a vision for a better world, can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

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