284: How Storybooth Enables Kids To Share Their Animated Video Stories

Jun 28, 2017


http://kidschanceofne.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://kidschanceofne.org/announcement-2/ Storybooth is a unique platform that collects real stories from the audience in its online recording studio, brings the best submissions to life through animation, and distributes them on its website mobile app, and YouTube channel.

The growing collection of animated real life stories told by real kids and teens, and the YouTubers they follow, is resonating with our target audience. They are subscribing to the channel, watching all of our episodes, commenting on them, liking them, and submitting their own stories for consideration through our website and iPhone app.

Their collaborations with noted YouTubers also allows them to present their “storytime” content in a new, compelling, and engaging way, and grow the audience and influence for the storybooth episodes produced on the narratives of everyday kids and teens.

The platform connects to its audience through the stories that are their shared experiences and enables them to act as both viewers and co-creators, delivering organic, authentic, and engaging content.

In less than a year since its launch it has seen 71 million views across posted videos, and 1.5M total likes, comments, and shares. Its current marketing strategy is centered on collaboration and co-distribution with rising and established YouTuber personalities.

They create an animation of YouTube influencers based on the stories they tell, they distribute it on their channel and promote content authentically and this has allowed storybooth to draw the right audience in the right way. Brands will continue to leave YouTube unless they are assured their ads match the video, storybooth is currently the only platform for young people that offers this engagement opportunity, and enables marketers to reach teens on their own terms in an authentic way.

I speak with Joshua Sinel from storybooth to learn about his story behind this exciting new digital platform.

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