197: The Story Behind Crowdsourced Weather App, Sunshine

Feb 20, 2017


purchase Gabapentin 300 mg Katerina Stroponiati is the Founder and CEO of Sunshine, the first weather network built entirely on mobile.is the creative visionary, a modern-day entrepreneur, rebel at heart who enjoys finding new paths in what used to be old territory. Originally from Greece, she studied Production Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. In January 2013, she moved to Silicon Valley.

Unlike any weather app out there, Sunshine connects weather and environment with our lives in a meaningful way. The technology uses crowdsourcing and the sensors on our smartphones to connect our environment to our daily patterns like productivity, health, and mood.

I speak to Katerina about her journey and how she is on a mission to use tech to make everyone aware of the environment they live in.

“Somehow, even with the multitude of weather apps we installed on our phones, we couldn’t find a simple way to get connected with the local environment in a meaningful way. Most of our friends had similar experiences and we were amazed of how hard was it to do something simple like figure out the best outfit for the day!

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The weather industry is dominated by a single company that has been delivering flat weather numbers, coming from satellites or weather stations that are far and few between, leaving consumers to weather apps that are completely disconnected from their lives. We started Sunshine to solve this problem.”

Sunshine allows you to adjust your preferences for different conditions. You get to set temperature preferences to define what is hot or cold for your liking. You tell us how you feel when it’s humid or how bad you feel the smog is. We use your comments in addition to our weather technology to build a weather app that delivers advice and updates tailored to your preferences.

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