216: SquadHelp – How To Name A Startup or Business Using The Crowd

Mar 18, 2017


buy gabapentin for dogs uk Anyone that is thinking about embarking on a tech startup journey could quite easily fail at the first hurdle and spend far too long on name suggestions and logos etc. Imagine if you could take ideas and logos from creatives across the world thanks to technology and the crowd. Squadhelp provides hundreds of handcrafted brand name suggestions and logos from creatives across the world.

Squadhelp is an innovative crowdsourcing platform which allows companies to host competitions for their naming and branding projects. Creatives from across the globe compete and submit targeted name ideas, logos, and taglines in these contests. Refreshingly, the success is attributed to on amazing community of creatives and their customers’ willingness to innovate with them.

An innovative scoring algorithm allows the platform to “self-curate” top creatives by rewarding those who submit high-quality suggestions. This approach results in a very respectful crowdsourcing process and dedicated creatives, some of whom have won thousands of dollars by submitting memorable names and high-quality logos.

The platform is rapidly growing, with a community of over 40,000 creatives who have submitted more than 3 Million names, helping thousands of companies build a perfect brand at an affordable cost. This impressive milestone has solidified SquadHelp’s position as the top crowd working platform for branding and naming companies across the globe and reinforces this concept as a winning approach to building memorable brands.

Having “bootstrapped” their own company, the team have a special appreciation for businesses that are fiscally responsible and recognize the fact that many businesses do not have thousands of dollars available to hire agencies for their branding, marketing, and design activities.

Darpan Munjal

Darpan Munjal has also held various senior level positions with Fortune 500 Companies. As a Divisional vice president (eCommerce) at Sears Holdings, Darpan led the initial launch of Sears.com and led the technology and product teams for Sears.com as well as Kmart.com which generated over $1 Billion in annual revenue.

However, Darpan is now the founder of Squadhelp, an innovative crowdsourcing platform that connects creatives from across the globe with startups and businesses for their branding related projects.

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