639: Voice Search – Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Brand Voice Up To Google, Amazon, Apple

Sep 17, 2018

SPLICE Software blends art and science in creating stronger connections and improving the customer experience for insurers, bankers, and retailers. Their cloud-based Dialog Suite™ uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized Voice & SMS messages at critical moments along the customer journey.

Earlier this year, I watched a comparison video of the American Express skill using Alexa’s Native Voice compared to SPLICE skills using natural, human audio, or as they call it “SPLICE Voice.” Naturally, I wanted to find out more about the future of voice technology and the importance of businesses giving their brand a more human touch.

Amazon’s Alexa business is projected to be worth $10 billion by 2020. Yet, with so many businesses rushing to adopt voice apps to keep up with the trend, many are missing the mark with brand voice. Tara Kelly, CEO of SPLICE Software, refers to this rapid (but flawed) adoption as “blood in the streets.”

Instead of crafting an Alexa skill to match the brand voice of the company, businesses are leaving it in the hands of the bot, creating a disconnect between the brand and the customer. On today’s daily tech podcast, Tara shares her insights on how to implement an on-brand voice and messaging within voice-apps, to avoid further “bloodshed.”

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I also learn a little more about SynthIA™, the intelligent audio system powering SPLICE Software’s solutions for Voice. SynthIA is SPLICE’s intelligent audio system, providing for the creation, storage, and workflow management of synthesized and pre-recorded audio files. SynthIA leverages artificial intelligence and voice naturalization to enable omnichannel deployment of customized speech on both a scheduled and on-demand basis.

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