339: Splice – The Creative Hub For The Modern Musician & Music Creation Collaboration

Sep 22, 2017


buy Lyrica 300 mg online Back in 2010, Steve Martocci wanted an easy way to send messages between him and his friends, not a simple prospect at the time. He created GroupMe, a group messaging platform that was acquired in 2011 by Skype a mere 370 days after its launch for $85 million.

Here in 2017, Steve Martocci now leads product vision as the CEO and co-founder of Splice. With over 1 million users, Splice is rapidly gaining a reputation as the creative hub for the modern musician. The platform allows artists to collaborate on music projects via the cloud (google drive of music production) and offers hundreds of thousands of samples made by world-renowned sound engineers. Splice also gives musicians the ability to rent-to-own music production software.

With everything Splice gives to artists, I invited Splice CEO, Steve Martocci onto the podcast to talk about how the startup is improving the modern musician and the way they approach making music.

Steve Martocci

Martocci is also a co-founder of the short-distance aviation company BLADE, an active angel investor with investments in Fundera, TransferWise and Flatiron Health, and serves as an advisor to Movable Ink organizations where he promotes the growth of the New York City startup community.

Today’s guest also helps lead SummerQAmp, a nationwide initiative to create tech jobs for American youth and train a new workforce in high-tech skills. He is also actively involved in the New York tech startup scene, serving as a TechStars mentor, onSwipe advisor and an investor in companies including Codecademy, SmartThings, TransferWise and Timehop.

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