Did you know that 22% of customers currently abandon the sign-up process due to the demanding nature of online forms? This is just one of the many problems that Sphere Identity set out to solve. Sphere Identity creates secure, blockchain-based identity systems. By handing control of identity back to individuals, Sphere Identity streamlines customer sign-ups and simplifies data for business.

The company was launched to provide privacy, security, and freedom for individuals and businesses across the globe. They are a research and development-driven organization, supported by a diverse team of experts, skilled in digital identity and distribution technology.

With various challenges still confronting identity, the company is pressing on, building new, innovative solutions to make the digital landscape simpler and safer for everyone. When I read the quote by Katherine Noall “It became apparent that identity needed to be solved.” I invited her onto my daily tech podcast to find out more.

Katherine is CEO of Sphere Identity. As a firm believer that automation needs to do more than mirror manual ways of doing things, Katherine applies distributed technologies to architect and build new solutions. Blockchain and distributed technology are used to increase identity security and internationalism. Katherine has 20 years of international management experience with technology companies such as AT&T-Unisource and Information Builders.

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