277: Sony Continues Evolution of Digital Paper with Enhanced Second-Generation Technology

Jun 13, 2017


watch Sony recently announced the evolution of their second-generation Digital Paper (model DPT-RP1), a tool that has become indispensable to professors, scientists, researchers, PhDs, and graduate students in STEM focused careers or areas of study.

Digital Paper is also gaining momentum in legal, financial and medical fields, by professionals who read documents and take notes extensively. The second generation of Sony’s device gives users an even better document reading, annotating and note taking experience.

Sony Digital Paper New Features:

  • Easier-to-read, high-resolution display
  • A more responsive touch panel
  • Precise handwritten note-taking capabilities
  • Wireless document transfer to PC or Mac
  • A sleek new device design

Digital Paper gives users the “feel” of pen on paper through a new non-slip panel, useful when highlighting, annotating or erasing on any document. Users can rest their palm on the screen as they write — just like with paper – while taking handwritten notes and keeping digital records for future reference. Annotations and hand-written notes are automatically saved to the internal memory.

Sony has confirmed a retail price for $699 and unlike the Japanese model, the US version will be black. The Sony DPT-RP1 can be ordered online. But, I wanted to speak with Daniel Albohn from Sony Digital Paper Solutions to find out more about this exciting technology and it is being adopted by multiple industries.

Daniel Albohn Sony

We increasingly hear about the digital transformation and how it is affecting businesses so it should be no surprise to hear that Digital Paper is now gaining momentum in legal, financial and medical fields, by professionals. For any technology based solution to become a success and adopted by people outside of IT departments and techies it needs to be easy to use too.

Daniel and I discuss how the simplicity of using digital paper along with how it is organically growing and evolving into something much bigger than even Sony envisioned.

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Sony Digital Paper New Features:
– Bluetooth: if hands free Bluetooth pedals could be used to turn pages on DPT-RP1 this tool could become indispensable to musicians. Sadly there are rumours that this feature has been disabled.


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