97: How Snagajob Is Using a Gig Economy-Style Approach For Hourly Workers

Aug 28, 2016

I have some crazy facts from a company called Snagajob. They are concentrating on the hourly marketplace, and they have 70 million registered hourly workers with one million new workers added every month and over 300,000 employer locations. On average they have over 1.5 million average active jobs and ten million unique visitors. In fact, 35 million job unique job seekers visited the Snagajob mobile site, and 3.5 million used the mobile app last year. Within 30 days of acquiring people matter customers using Snagajob for recruiting saw a 20 percent uptick in applicant flow.

They have had a direct hand in hiring over 3 million people in 2015 alone. The chief product and marketing officer Jocelyn Mangan is here to share more about the company and their recent $100 million funding.

go site Can you tell the listeners a little about yourself and what you do?

I work in technology and product management. I like working on products that I like to use with people that are passionate about building them. At Snagajob I’m working to lead the product design and marketing teams here and to accelerate our current product strategy as well as our place in the industry for hourly employees and job seekers. I’ve worked in technology for almost twenty years and prior to Snagajob I worked for City Search, Ticket Master and Open Table.

Jocelyn Mangan

Jocelyn Mangan

click here For anyone listening who has not heard of Snagajob can you explain what it is?

The mission at Snagajob is to put people in right fit positions for them so they can maximize their potential and lead more fulfilling lives. We focus on hourly workers so basically what we’re trying to do is match hourly workers with the right opportunities for them. We have 70 million registered hourly workers on our platform and 300,000 customer locations. Today we are the largest hourly marketplace. There are some parallels between what we do and Open Table because it is a marketplace and it’s fueled by this hourly worker network and our end to end platform which is for talent and workforce management and that’s called people matter.

How do you think mobile technology is creating the opportunity to reinvent the hiring experience?

If you think about how people are walking around today and doing things they are mostly on their phones. A lot of our audience is millennial and Gen Z so it’s no longer a world where people want to fill out or even do fill out paper applications. So the opportunity we have is really to capitalize on this shift and make that experience of getting from “I need a job” or “I want a job” to finding that job really quick and easy and fun through mobile.

Is this on demand and gig economy changing everything?

It’s definitely growing. We published a blog recently which had this stat from Intuit which said that 7.6 million Americans are estimated to be working in the on-demand economy by 2020. That is doubling what it is today.

How does Snagajob connect those hourly workers with employers?

We have algorithms that fuel the marketplace. We’re trying to make quality connections so we have this base of workers that can use our mobile website or app to sort through the job postings and find the one that’s a right fit for them. We also have software for the employers and we have the ability for them to post their jobs on there. We’re looking for quality as well as quick connections between the employers and the workers.

How do you get around geographical barriers? For example, could I apply for a content role advertised in California from here in the U.K?

The industries we serve are primarily restaurants, retail and hospitality that are fairly local. So most of the people on our network are looking hyper-locally for their opportunity because they want to work close to home. That’s more in line with our style of worker we serve, more locally.

Earlier this year Snagajob raised $100 million in funding I believe. How is that funding helping you take Snagajob to that next level?

We’re super excited about that. There’s a lot we want to invest in our products to make them state of the art and a great experience for both workers and employers. A lot of it is going to be invested in the product and the people and the teams that we have here to help us accelerate our vision of the fully mobile, on demand, hourly hiring process at scale.

What’s the best way for employers or workers to reach out to you or a member of your team?

Please visit us at www.snagajob.com. Download our app, visit our website. There are lead forms there for you to contact the people here and reach out.

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