80: Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO of Reverie the Sleep Technology Company

Jul 26, 2016

If there is one thing we all have in common with each other it’s our need to sleep. We all need that time to rest our weary bodies and let it repair itself or as I like to call it a good old-fashioned reboot. I recently read about a company called Reverie. On the outside Reverie looks like a company that sells beds and mattresses but when you delve a little closer you see they are actually a sleep technology company.

At Reverie they incorporate technology into the way they make their mattresses and create a sleep system that improves both our sleep and our health. I further read that they have their own innovation summit where they bring leaders from other companies to look at the industry and how they can avoid disruption themselves. Not only that but how they can innovate as a company and move forward and lead the way.

go site Can you tell me a little about yourself and your role at Reverie?

I’ve been running Reverie since my business partner and I found it 13 years ago. Right now my role technically is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovation Officer. On a day to day basis I manage a lot of the sales and innovation activities for the company so anything related to RND or product development or selling those products throughout the country and the world and at a higher level the mission, vision, values and direction of the company is what I’m responsible for.

Martin Rawls-Meehan

Martin Rawls-Meehan

order Lyrica overnight What is it you do at Reverie and how do you incorporate technology into the products to improve our sleep and health?

We try to incorporate technology into everything we do. We think of ourselves as a sleep technology company so what we do is exactly that. Wherever possible we shift the paradigm and move our industry forward by incorporating technology into sleep products. Our core product is what we call the Reverie sleep system and that’s a customizable mattress and customizable foundation. The mattress has hundreds of dream cells and different softnesses we customize based on an algorithm we’ve developed for different bodies that the user can customize themselves after they receive it.

buy Viagra pills online in South Bend Indiana Younger consumers are growing up immersed in technology. As a business owner is this forcing you to try harder to put technology in to using your products at all?

Fortunately for us that’s how we’re built. As a sleep technology company we start off by thinking about how we can incorporate technology into the products.

Can you tell me a little more about the innovation summit?

We just had our second annual innovation summit this past May and it was a resounding success. One of the things we realized a couple years ago was that as much as we were trying to be forward thinking there was still so much that we had to learn about being a disruptive company. So we started bringing together outside companies from other industries that we think are doing some interesting and disruptive things.

thuб»‘c nexium 40 mg What have you or others taken away from this event? Have you made any big changes or collaborated more with other companies you wouldn’t normally?

I wouldn’t say we’ve made any big changes. I think a lot of the major directional strategy that we had has stayed the same. I think it was reaffirmed in many ways but we got more focus and motivation. We learned some new things. Collaboration is absolutely something that came out of this.

Do you think all industries now need to have one eye on the future and those disruptions to protect their business model?

I think you need to have an eye on the future not just to protect your business model but to ultimately be successful in any way shape or form in your business. Things are changing so quickly and amazing technology is popping up year in and year out. If you don’t have an eye on the future I think you will ultimately become a thing of the past.

What’s next for you guys?

When anyone asks me about our goals I always say we want to be the best sleep technology company in the world. I believe that there is so much we have yet to tap into in this marketplace. We’re still investigating a lot of really cool technology and we’re still working with our retail partners so we can take what we have now and be successful in the marketplace. I think what’s next for us is continuing on the path we are now.

For anyone listening who wants more information or to reach out to a member of your team what’s the best way of doing that?

You can go to our website at www.reverie.com. Our 1-800 numbers are on there are well so people can reach out to us. Sleep specialists are available for people if they want to call in and learn how they can sleep better or learn about our products. That number is 1-888-888-5990. You can also email us at info@reverie.com. I read all the emails that come in to customer service so if someone doesn’t get back to you let them know because I guarantee I will read it and make sure you are taken care of.

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