391: Digital Communication Preferences Study Reveal Email Still Beats Social Media

Nov 22, 2017

Founded in 2009, after graduating from the TechStars program, SendGrid developed an industry-disrupting, cloud-based email service to solve the challenges of reliably delivering emails on behalf of growing companies.

Like many great solutions, SendGrid was born from the frustration of three engineers whose application emails didn’t get delivered, so they built an app for email deliverability. With over 55,000 paying customers such as Spotify, Uber, and Airbnb they help send over 30 billion emails every month.

However, it was the findings of its recent report that made me ask them to come on the show today. The report examines digital communication preferences based on generational differences, as well as looks at the future of digital communication. Here are some of the highlights of the report:

  • There is an overwhelming preference (74%) for email over all other communication forms when it comes to B2C interactions.
  • Over the next few years, Gen Z (83%) expects to increase their email usage, the most of all generations.
  • Email is a much more ubiquitous form of communication. 89% of people surveyed have used email at least once in the past month vs. 83% of all social media tools together including but not limited to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research found that of 11 personality traits, users of Twitter (5), Instagram (3) and Snapchat (3) had very distinct personality traits while email (1) was much smaller in terms of personality traits. This implies that email can’t be defined by a single personality trait or lifestyle.

Scott Heimes serves as Chief Marketing Officer, where he is responsible for SendGrid’s brand strategy, driving demand for its solutions and leading global marketing operations. Scott oversees corporate marketing, demand generation, corporate communications, partnerships and alliances, international expansion and SendGrid’s community development team.

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