269: Why Retailers Should Concentrate on Individualization Not Personalization

May 30, 2017

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go site Reflektion has been quietly dominating retail by using AI in uncharted areas: understanding consumer preference in real time and delivering a 1:1 experience on the fly. The company was born by Google/Netflix pioneers and is used by brands like Disney, Godiva, Marmot, and Uniqlo.

http://antiquewarehousemall.com/category/military/ Reflektion’s Chief Strategy Officer Kurt Heinemann talks about what’s expected in the e-commerce industry when it comes to tech and the newest trends. Here are just a handful of topics that we discuss on the podcast:

  • 2017 as the new era of AI – How marketers, will embrace deep learning as a means to make unified touchpoints a reality
  • Personalization just doesn’t cut it anymore – individualization is the answer for retailers seeking to understand their customer
  • Chatbots will take over- retailers will begin to understand the value of voice-powered agents. 2017 will see them become more interactive and more intelligent

Reflektion understands the individual intent and preferences of each customer and intelligently responds in real time. When combined with our knowledge of a brand’s product offerings, these insights allow businesses to leverage the most relevant content or products to influence each customer at every relevant point of engagement.

Kurt Heinemann Reflektion

Kurt Heinemann

Kurt is described as an innovative and dynamic marketing professional with a track record of success communicating a company’s unique value proposition to potential customers, partners and market influencers through strategic and creative means. Armed with a refreshing understanding of the unique challenges of creating a larger-than-life company profile in a resource-constrained environment and driving meteoric growth.

A career focused on branding, product development and marketing, SaaS, digital marketing, lead generation, public and analyst relations and pricing strategies. A talent for translating vision into strategic focus and directing fast-paced, tactical execution and significant revenue growth.

His big talent is translating a vision into strategic focus and directing fast-paced, tactical execution and significant revenue growth.

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