38: How Reflektion Knows What Shoppers Are Looking For

May 05, 2016

We often talk about first world problems. One of my first world problems is opening my email inbox every morning to find 20-30 emails from companies I’ve bought from in the past, bombarding me with generic email marketing messages. The most frustrating part is they come from an auto, do not reply mailbox.

Consumers now do not want to be bombarded with generic email marketing messages. We tune out this constant white noise whether on TV, radio or internet. We find ways around them all. We don’t open emails, we’ve got pop-up blockers online, we fast forward items on TV or even use a streaming option. We no longer listen to these marketing messages so what is the answer?

I came across a company called Reflektion that was founded by a Google engineer and has an impressive client list and an even more impressive financial backing. I invited them on the show to tell us a little more about them.

is it illegal to buy accutane online Can you tell us a little bit more about yourselves and your roles at Reflektion?

This is Kurt Heinemann I’m the Chief Marketing Officer here at Reflektion trying to communicate all the wonderful things we deliver to the rest of the market. I’m Gil Arditi. I’m the head of product at Reflektion working on product strategy and execution

follow link It seems the latest buzz words are deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence in this quest to personalize everything for consumers. What is Reflektion doing and what makes it unique from other products out there?

buy Lyrica cheap Gill: Reflektion is an e-commerce personalization company, which means that we’re trying to connect people to products in an ideal way. We calculate the next step that the customer might take on a site at any given state at any given point in time and then package that knowledge in different services. For example, you might like widgets that we can present on product pages or a search experience that would make it highly individualized for every customer.

Chris: And another less technical point of view is really making sure we’re enabling retailers to capture and respond to each individual shopper’s preferences and intent. We do that all in real time. It makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for

You have an impressive client list that includes Disney, Converse and O’Neill Clothing just to name a few. Can you tell me how Reflektion has helped these companies and any measurable improvements that it’s delivered?

Chris: That’s what makes my job incredibly easy as a marketer. It doesn’t matter the number of products on a site or the number of visitors, Reflektions approach works incredibly well. In general, we’re delivering an average increase of 70 percent engagement which is basically the amount of time somebody spends on the site looking at different products. Then the conversion rate is the result of presenting them with the most relevant products possible for each individual. We have an average conversion rating increase of more than 20 percent. That converts into tens of millions of dollars a year for our clients in terms of increased revenue.

I must confess that generic emails from mailing lists or stores that I’ve purchased items from in the past really frustrate the hell out of me. I probably delete 90 percent of these generic emails that also come from an auto do not reply mailbox. How does Reflektion tackle this problem and can you tell our listeners a little about your right time messaging concept?

Gill: Absolutely. We basically apply the same technology we use for website personalization to email. It means we look at everything you have done in the past on the site and in email and use all that information to present only the most relevant items for you. It’s highly tailored to you instead of this blanket cover it all message that you often see in those emails. That is what I think makes them not very interesting and why people tend to discard them really quickly.

Right time messaging is also a very interesting concept that we’ve introduced. That means that the recommendations are set for you at the time of email opening, which means that if there are changes to your behavior, to your preferences, they would instantly be reflected within what you’re seeing.

Do you think this level of e-commerce personalization could be used with real time browsing data and even transaction history too?

Gill: Absolutely. These are all sources of information we’re currently using for recommendations and we can also take other data streams if they are available from the retailer. For example CRM data or data about social engagements of customers or data that is available from their behavior on the web.

What’s the best way for listeners to reach out to you guys and learn more about Reflektion?

Chris: The easiest and most simple way is to go to www.reflkection.com or you can send an email to marketing@reflektion.com and we’ll make sure to respond as quickly as possible.


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