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An average of 6.5 million adults in the UK listens to a podcast a week, according to 2018 data, with 67% listening to the whole episode. With that in mind, excellent quality audio is a must-have for anybody who podcasts, especially for those looking to boost their business via audio marketing. However, when it comes to recording audio outdoors, there are a few things you need to be aware of to achieve the high-quality audio that every podcaster dreams of. 

The benefits of recording outdoors

Whether you’re recording an interview or a visual ad campaign, recording outdoors comes with many benefits. For instance, taking your project outdoors can bring a welcome change of scenery for viewers, those involved in making the ad, and yourself. Outdoor recording can also boost the mood – in fact, studies show that being outdoors can have a de-stressing effect, making it great for doing things like hosting an interview. Recording outside can also present you with a large open space that provides a non-reflective environment. It can even be more visually entertaining (and fitting) for those recording something such as travel marketing content. However, despite the benefits, some challenges come along with recording audio outside, although there are simple solutions and ways to navigate them.

The importance of mic choice

When planning to record outdoors, using the proper mic is key to getting the perfect sound quality. Using your device’s built-in mic may sound ideal, but it’s generally not a great idea – for example, many built-in mics, such as the iPhone’s built-in mic, are omnidirectional. This means that they detect audio surrounding the phone, whether it’s the target sound or not. While these mics are great for general projects (such as on-the-spot audio notes, or an interview in a quiet room), they can give you a less than desirable recording that includes unwanted background noise when used outside.

Shotgun mics, on the other hand, are a good choice for recording in noisy settings – because they’re unidirectional microphones, they’re great for capturing voices (such as for interviews or monologues), as they block out background noises. With the right microphone for the project, you’re sure to have peace of mind while recording, as well as achieving your desired results.

Reducing wind and other background noise

One of the biggest challenges of recording any kind of audio outdoors involves recording wind and other unwanted background noises. Not only can this make your podcast hard to hear and understand, it can also distract viewers and watchers and bring you a low-quality recording. Thankfully, there are solutions – in addition to choosing the right microphone, using a fluffy mic cover can also help.

Often referred to as a “dead cat windscreen,” these devices work to effectively reduce wind and other background sounds. In addition to having the right equipment, the way you use your mic can also affect how the audio turns out as well. For example, pointing the mic upwards can reduce the chances of reflection from the ground, and making sure that it’s properly positioned and in line with the wind can also ensure you’ll get the desired outcome.

Recording podcasts is a passion of many across the world, and those who do it often strive for the best results – especially when it comes to audio quality. Investing in the right microphone and knowing how to use it can make recording outdoors a successful event every time, and this can be a great boost to your marketing strategy.

A special thank-you to Katlyn Proctor for her help in producing this blog post.

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