qiibee is a Swiss-based loyalty token protocol helping brands around the world run their loyalty programs on the blockchain. Founded in 2015 by Gabriele Giancola and Gianluca Giancola, qiibee builds on strong expertise, existing partnerships, and in-depth knowledge of the loyalty sector.

The decentralized, blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem, provides a loyalty platform and developer interface on which every loyalty application can be tokenized. qiibee started its journey in the loyalty market with a multi-branded, multi-activity loyalty program which brands could use to reward their customers for activities such as shopping, or creating and engaging with content.

The first partnership was with the coffee brand, Lattesso, where they unveiled the Swiss Crypto Valley’s first loyalty token and proof-of-concept called the Lattessocoin. qiibee has also partnered with other brands across the world including Sausalitos, one of Germany’s leading Mexican restaurant and bar chains, and most recently with food chains, a Chinese restaurant loyalty rewards program.

qiibee - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

I wanted to learn more about this blockchain plug-and-play solution that supports businesses, and how it provides them with full flexibility to create their own loyalty programs on qiibee’s protocol. Gabriele Giancola is today’s guest on my daily tech podcast and talks about how they are helping brands run their loyalty programs on the blockchain, and give loyal customers the freedom they deserve.

We also discuss how they are planning on disrupting the $500bn loyalty market and bring the blockchain to millions of mainstream users and more information about their partnerships that are encouraging mainstream adoption.

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