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In the latest Tech Talks Daily Podcast episode, I spoke with John Letter, CEO of Proem Behavioral Health. Our conversation offered a deep dive into how technology is reshaping the landscape of mental health care, a topic that resonates with many in our current times.

John introduced Proem Behavioral Health, a company at the forefront of clinical workflow support software. Their mission is to streamline the screening process for mental illnesses, aiding in diagnosis and tracking treatment outcomes. As John highlighted, this approach is a game-changer in addressing the fragmented nature of behavioral healthcare.

One of the most striking aspects of our discussion was the real-world impact of Proem’s technology. John shared an example from Eastern Europe: their tools are used to screen patients proactively. This proactive approach is critical in mental health care, where early detection can significantly alter treatment outcomes.

However, the journey has its challenges. John candidly discussed the hurdles patients and providers face in adopting new technologies. The biggest challenge? Time. Proem’s solution is its asynchronous capability, which allows patient information to be collected ahead of visits, saving hours for healthcare providers and enabling them to focus on treatment rather than data collection.

John’s enthusiasm was palpable when discussing the integration of subjective questioning with objective data from wearable devices. This holistic view of a patient’s health is where he sees the future of mental health care heading.

For John, the intersection of technology and mental health care is more than just a business venture; it’s a passion driven by the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the mental health space was clear: listen to the needs of both patients and providers. It’s this understanding that drives innovation.

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