264: Pollfish – Behind Enemy Lines – What Are Your Competitor’s Users Thinking?

May 22, 2017

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source link Question: Don’t you want to know what your competitor’s customers really think? How can a ‘David’-sized app acquire users in a landscape dominated by a handful of ‘Goliath’ companies?

http://hitsharesquare.com/members/waldogarlock5/activity/friends/ Answer: Go undercover—now there is a tool that can ask a competitor’s users exactly what they’re thinking so apps can optimize their offering accordingly and slingshot around the competition.

DIY market research platform Pollfish’s Behind Enemy Lines feature is a tool that lets app publishers survey their competitors’ users directly. With Pollfish’s proprietary polling technology via third-party mobile apps, startups can conduct the fast, flexible, economical market research they need to compete with—and even win against—big brands by asking questions like:

1. Why do you use this particular app?
2. Which feature of this app are you most fond of?
3. What do you dislike most about this app, and what would you like to see next?

The platform enables App publishers to deliver a customized survey straight to the users of the app of their choosing. Examples could include ridesharing apps targeting Uber users, personal finance apps surveying Mint users, or new social networks questioning Snapchat users.

Giannis Zaoudis Founder & CTO at Pollfish talks about talks about why Pollfish is a big game changer. For example, politically, traditional polls have infamously got things completely wrong with Brexit here in the UK and the Presidential election in the US. But, Pollfish and other smartphone platforms got it right and even successfully predicted the results of 45 out of 50 states in the US election.

Giannis Zaoudis

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Pollfish – Behind Enemy Lines

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